School Board

Guardian Angels Regional School under the directive of the Diocese of Camden has established a Board of Limited Jurisdiction comprised of parishioners, community members and parents.  

The purpose of this board is to promote and advance the mission of the school for the education and instruction of students in keeping with the principles of the Roman Catholic Church, to secure the finances of the school, and to ensure a course of education as prescribed by the Diocese of Camden and the applicable policies, rules and regulations of the State of New Jersey.

The board, with limited jurisdiction, is a participatory, policy making body for all matters pertaining to the school.  All decisions of the board shall be binding upon the school administrators and shall be in compliance with canon law, the letter and the intent of the policies, rules and regulations of the State of New Jersey, and those powers reserved to the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Camden.

Members of the Guardian Angels Regional School Board are as follows:

Board Chair: Mrs. Sue McCool

Secretary: Ms. Amy Hillman

Sr. Jerilyn Einstein, Principal

Fr. Dave Grover, Pastor St. Clare of Assisi Parish

Fr. Chuck Colozzi, Pastor St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish

Board Members:

Mr. Rick Barnett

Dr. Mercedes Berrios

Mrs. Lisa Ciliberto

Mr. Salvatore Clemente

Mr. Ken Ridinger

Mayor George Shivery

Mr. Doug Stetser

If you have a question or concern for our school board please contact the School Board Chair, Mrs. Sue McCool at (856) 423-9440 or by email at