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Week of March 25th- 29th

Last week we learned about wind and did a few fun Science experiments for the kids to understand what wind was, and what happens when it blew. 

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This week we are working on the letter Vv and the number 17! Our theme this week is Volcanos and Rainbows. We will be doing some more Science experiments this week, making volcanos and "making colors walk" to make a rainbow. We will talk about what volcanos are and where they are. We will pull up some pictures to show them what volcanos look like and then make our own. During Art, we will be making rainbows and continuing our Easter and Lent projects. 

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We  just picked our last Star of the Day!!! This year's Star of the Day was a lot of fun. The kids loving having a day all about them and we love learning a little more about each student. 

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