Mission Statement

The mission of Guardian Angels Regional School is to nurture, encourage and educate the body, mind and spirit of each child to foster spiritual, social and intellectual growth by providing a quality academic and challenging academic education permeated by Gospel values in the Catholic Franciscan tradition.


We believe that education is a process which involves the whole person in the course of his/her entire life. It is a process which is carried out within a community in which each member promotes the growth of the other, growing in an atmosphere of respect, mutual help, collaboration and communion.

We believe that each human being is a child of God created in his image and likeness, redeemed by Christ, a temple of the Holy Spirit. In as much as the human person is an incarnated spirit, he/she is worthy of the greatest respect, concern, and deep love. Educational charity creates the conditions in which the student is urged to discover and cultivate his/her own abilities to be educated. Therefore, we commit ourselves to educating, teaching and correcting the students with love, to following each and every student in "their becoming" with their differentiated potentials. We are called to be "all love" and to show each student trust, kindness, and respect, speaking to them with highest kindness and discretion.

Guardian Angels Regional School strives to be "an exemplary model of academic excellence and faith development…integrating thinking and believing in ways that encourage intellectual growth, nurture faith, and inspire action." (Expectations for Catholic School Principals pg. VII)

We strive to provide a well-rounded curriculum that addresses the emotional, spiritual, and moral development of students along with their intellectual, physical, and social growth – a curriculum that reflects current knowledge and sound teaching strategies, and challenges student potential. (Expectations for Catholic School Principals pg. VIII)

Guardian Angels Regional School is called to be "a scholastic communitarian environment permeated by the gospel spirit of freedom and charity; it is called to help the students so that in the development of their own personalities, they may grow together according to that new creature, which baptism has realized in them. We are to be a link between human culture and the message of salvation, so that the knowledge of the world, of life, and of the human person, which the students acquire little by little, may be enlightened by faith." (Gravissimum educationis 8)

Guardian Angels School strives to be a place of hospitality, serenity and joy. We strive to create a tranquil, familial environment which sustains the daily effort of the acquisition of the true, the just and the good, and which helps in brining about an outlook of trust and hope in the future of life and of history.


Guardian Angels Regional School, located in Gibbstown, NJ, opened its doors In September 2001 in response to the growing regional need for an educational facility in southern Gloucester County.  The school refurbished the former St. Michael's School in Gibbstown, which closed in 1987.  The change in the school's name reflects its regionalization of St. Michael's Parish with the parishes of St. John the Evangelist, Paulsbor0, and Holy Name of Jesus Parish, Mullica Hill.  Guardian Angels began with a small group of Pre-K and Kindergarten students, and has added a grade level each year.  Today the school provides an academically challenging, values-based education to students from Pre-K 3 to 8th Grade.

In October 2006, Guardian Angels School received permission to open a second campus for Grades 4 through 8.  The new campus, which opened in September 2007, is the site of the former St. John's School in Paulsboro and is just 2 miles from Gibbstown.  The refurbushed facility affords students a magnificent gymnasium - in fact the largest among Diocese of Camden grade schools - as well as spacious rooms for a dedicated library, computer lab, science lab and art and music studio.  In addition, the secure, fenced-in grounds provide ample space for outdoor gym classes and sports programs.

Bishop Galante launched a major initiative in 2007 called "Faith in the Future".  This process, which was designed to strengthen and revitalize Catholic school education in South Jersey, would require the reconfiguration of a number of schools in the Diocese.  The Bishop announced in November 2007 that Guardian Angels Regional School's future is secure, and that our school will remain open and continue to grow to meet the needs of students in our area.  

 We offer a values-based program to children of all religious backgrounds in a secure, disciplined learning environment. The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus, along with our devoted lay teachers, follow the curriculum guidelines of the Camden Diocese, based on the New Jersey Curriculum Standards.  We maintain a school environment which promotes learning and encourages Catholic Christian values.