Eighth Grade - Mrs. Samantha Widder

Dear GARS Graduating class of 2020, 

I want you to know how proud of you the teachers and staff are. You have been such great role models this year for the classes coming up behind you. What pride you should have in yourself for coming out even stronger than before. This year was not in our plans, and oh, did we have great plans. You, as a class, worked so well together to make sure that you had an amazing year together. You brought the school together like no one else. I thank you and appreciate you for that. Tears swell up when I think about all the times we had and all the times we missed out on. You are all hard workers and preserved through this unforgettable year. That is exactly what this year is, unforgettable. GARS will remember you for years and years to come. As you enter your high schools don’t forget the friends you made here and lessons you learned, bring your experiences with you on this next chapter in your lives. I expect and wish nothing but success in your future. I know I will be hearing great things about you, I have no doubt about that. Keep doing you and being the amazing people you are. Carry the love you have for yourself, others, and God with you in every step you take. Congratulations to you and your many achievements. I have been truly blessed to have you as my student. I wish nothing but the best, and remember to “stay gold”. I love you all, I have missed you every single day, and I look forward to your visits as alumni at Guardian Angels Regional School. God bless. 


With all my love, Mrs. Widder  heart




8th Grade

Mrs. Widder

Contact: swidder@gars-online.com