Welcome to Fifth Grade!

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." ~ Robert Collier

He there Smarties!

Well, the sun is shining so that's fantastic! Oh, and tomorrow you guys are off which is also fantastic! I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous! Make sure, if you didn't do so already, you email your answers to Chapters 1-6 questions from our novel. Remember, they are to be all on the same document. Do not send a document per chapter. It is entirely too hard to grade and keep track of. Thanks. Enjoy your day today, email me or shoot me a message on Google Classroom. I miss your faces. 

Don't forget to practice handwriting, pages 34-35. 

1, Take a moment to close your eyes and take a few calming breaths to help you settle into your school day. Afterward, recite an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be. 
2. Start your movement with your 10 Forward Folds. Don't forget, try to touch your toes!!!!  Let's do 20 push ups today! After school or when Mom or Dad finish with work, go on a walk or bike ride or play outside.

3. Journal: Today I am grateful for....

Today's journal is another "Would You Rather?"  Ok, would you rather swim in a pool of jelly beans or in a pool of skittles? Why?

When you finish writing, select the distance learning tab to the right for the work for today. Today is Spanish.   I am here if you need me! You've got this.

Love you,

Mrs. Verton









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