Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Hello Smarties!

This is going to be my last Home Page post of the school year since I have to be at school early tomorrow and Friday. You have a little work today, a little work tomorrow, virtual mass on Friday and then it's SUMMER! I am SO PROUD of everything you have accomplished this school year! We set out with the goal to become independent learners, and I think we achieved that and som much more. 

Try your best to finish your handwriting book. It is good practice!

1. Take a moment to close your eyes and take a few calming breaths to help you settle into your school day. This week, say your favorite prayers to start the day. 
2. Start the next few days with your favorite stretches and make sure you spend time doing something fun outside! As always, don't forget those forward folds!
When you finish writing, select the distance learning tab to the right for the work for today.  Don't forget to check your email a few times each day. You've got this! I am proud of you!


Mrs. Verton 









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