Welcome to Fifth Grade!


Good Morning Smarties!

You made it to Spring Break! Today is day 16 of distance learning. Can you believe it! Well, after you finish today's work you are off until the 20th. Enjoy this time to read, relax, play, and sleep. Julia and I made plans to play board games, bullet journal and do vitual museum visits. I will miss you all during this time and look forward to "seeing" you on the 20th. Let's plan to meet that day through Google Meets to say hi to one another and get ready to start the last half of the school year. 

Note: Math today is IXL lessons, work for 15 minutes OR until your score is between 90-100, whichever comes FIRST! Don't stay on any lesson past 15 minutes. You may finish before that time period if you get the 90-100. 

Practice handwriting, pages 38-39. 

1. Take a moment to close your eyes and take a few calming breaths to help you settle into your school day. Remember that this is Holy Week. Jesus took this important journey to his Resurrection because of his love for us. Recite the Our Father
2.Start today with your 10 Forward Folds. Don't forget, try to touch your toes!!!!  When you finish, 10 back lunges on each leg and 10 side lunges. 

3. Journal: Today I am grateful for....

It's everyone's favorite journal day...FREE WRITE WEDNESDAY! Post your journals on Google Classroom. I love reading what you write. 

When you finish writing, select the distance learning tab to the right for the work for today. Today is library, find some time to read for fun. The weather today is going to be warm! Get outside when you finish with your work.  I am here if you need me! You've got this.

Miss you!!!!!

Mrs. Verton