Friday, June 12

I hope you all have a wonderful summer break! You've earned it!  I'm so glad we were together in class and online this year.  Thank you all so much for the beautiful welcome sign for my front porch and the garden center gift certificate. I can't wait to dig in the dirt!

Be safe!  I will see you in September!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Thursday, June 11

On the 2nd day before summer break my teacher gave to me...a bag full of book worms!  Have fun working on your review pages - shapes, prefixes, questions about reading, compound word search - all things that should be pretty easy and fun to do, especially if its a stormy day. You still have time to go to Epic Books and find some interesting things to read.  I got an email yesterday saying that, as a class, you read over 150 books in the last 2 months! Congratulations to Colin for reading the most books! Keep on reading and learning! 

Book drop off in Gibbstown today from 9:00am - noon. 

heart Mrs. Grenier


Wednesday, June 10

Have you ever heard the phrase "Dog Days of Summer"? I just read an article that says the ancient Romans, from the time when Jesus was here on earth, called the hottest, most humid days of summer "dog days". It is because they associated the hottest days of summer with the star Sirius. Sirius is also known as the dog star because it is the brightest start in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog). Today is supposed to be one of those days so I hope you stay cool like the dog above.

On the 3rd day before summer break, your teacher gave you a bunch of fun beach floats! Lots of pool and beachy themed review activities today: measurement, money, nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. Have fun with your review and enjoy your "pool noodles" and " floats".

GARS 8th grade graduation ceremony video will be shown on Facebook this morning at 10:00am. You can see all your 8th grade friends receive their diplomas as they get ready to move on to high school. 

Don't forget you can still log into Epic Books. Maybe you are wondering about constelleations or stars? Do a search and read some books about the topic. Maybe your interest is about dogs - lots of informational text and fictional stories to read. 

If you did not return your books yesterday, I will be at the Gibbstown campus (in the parking lot if it isn't raining; inside if it is) from 9am-noon. 

Enjoy your day and stay cool!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Tuesday, June 9

On the 4th day before Summer Break my teacher gave to me....a pile of picnic puffs! Today's review is the marshmallow review! How many of you like to roast marshmallows? Do you just like to get them warm over the fire, or do you like them perfectly golden brown all the way around? Maybe you like to catch yours on fire and then blow it out. I like mine perfectly golden brown. But no way is a better way than another. Everyone has their own opinion. Enjoy your marshmallow treat and I know you will do well on the review skills today.  Don't forget to read for enjoyment - either a book of your own, or look on Epic books and search for something that interests you. It's like your own library at home! Remember this website is free until June 30th, so enjoy!

Today is the book return at Gibbstown from 3:00-6:00pm. I will have your art boxes to take home with your name on a bag. I know there was a blue, metal waterbottle left in the classroom. I will have any other "lost & found" items that I find too. If you had medicine at school, they will be in bags with your name. Also, bring any tests that you did not hand in yesterday. See you later!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Monday, June 8

Welcome to the last week of the school year! Although we did not get to spend this last part of the year together in the classroom, it has been a unique experience online! Again, I congratulate you and your parents for making this work. You will definitely have future stories to tell when you get older! Today, I sent an email letting you know that I will be delivering some fun learning activities for this last week of school. I will also be collecting whatever tests you have completed. Anything else can be handed in tomorrow at the book drop in Gibbstown from 3-6pm.

As we always do, begin your day with your prayers. Pray for our family, our friends, and all those who are sick. Even though we finished all the mysteries of the Rosary, the Blessed Mother asked us to pray the Rosary every day. The Joyful Mysteries are usually prayed on Monday and Saturday, the Luminous Mysteries on Thursday, the Sorrowful Mysteries on Tuesday and Friday, and the Glorious Mysteries on Wednesday and Sunday. 

Reading - log in to Epic Books and look for the assigned reading for today - Rosie Revere: Engineer. After reading, there is a comprehension check worksheet (front and back) in your packet for you to complete. Please put this with the things I will be collecting from you today. You can also explore other books by the same author, Andrea Beaty, by searching for her name in the search engine. She has written several books that I think you will like. 

Math page 5 in your math packet. This lesson shows you that there are many other fractions that can be written. Look at the top example - the square is divided into 4 equal parts and 2 are 2 would be the top number (the parts colored) and 4 would be the bottom number (total equal parts). 2/4. They did the same with the circle. You can write the fractions for the colored parts of each whole.  Have a parent check your work. When you are ready - today or tomorrow, you can take the test on the last 2 pages. Parents: you will have to read the questions for 1-8 on the first page. They are as follows:

  • 1. Choose the fraction for the part colored
  • 2. Choose the fraction for the part colored
  • 3. Compare the colored parts. Choose <, >, or =
  • 4. Which figure shows 1/4 colored?
  • 5. Choose the fraction for the part colored
  • 6. Choose the fraction for the part colored
  • 7. Compare the colored parts. Choose <, >, or =
  • 8. Choose the fraction for the part colored

I just noticed the above is written on your lesson plan sheet for tomorrow. As I said, if you do this today, put it in with the rest of the tests I will pick up today or hand in tomorrow at Gibbstown. Just trying to get a head-start on grading papers so I don't have a ton to grade Tuesday night!

Science - Reivew your packet and then complete the test on the last two pages (front and back). Have fun with the activities I will drop off later - one for each day! Today is a blast of summer sunshine!

I'll see you later!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Friday, June 5

Dear 2nd, almost 3rd, Graders: I just want to say that I am very proud of you all for stepping up and taking responsiblilty for your work. I have heard many parents tell me that you guys have been very responsible with learning new things, getting your work complete and doing well on the things that I grade. I know it has not been easy - for you, your parents, or your teacher. But you have worked hard and it shows! You should be very proud of yourselves and everything you have accomplished during this very strange time in the history of our country. 

With your reading workbook completed, I want you to read for enjoyment today. Log into Epic Books and you will (hopefully) find an assignment for another Ben Franklin book. Take the quiz at the end and I will be able to see how well you remember what your read. Epic Books is free until the end of the month, so read, read, read! Search for a topic that interests you or browse, just like at the library. Just read!

Math - page 4 in your math packet is about "ordering" fractions. When you put something in order, you are starting with the smallest to largest, least to greatest...or the opposite: largest to smallest; greatest to least. At the top of the page you will find an example. Read over the mini lesson I wrote on the lesson plan sheet with a parent. Look at the example of the same size "bar". The more pieces it is divided into, the bigger the number on the bottom of the fraction. Which means the smaller the fraction (or "piece"). Make sure you read the directions as problems 1-2 want your to order from least to greatest and problems 4-7 on the back want you to order from greatest to least. Have a parent check your work.

Here is your last list of the week to do because it's Friday - Yay!

O  Reading - Epic Books website - read, read, read!

O  Math - page 4 in your packet

O  Science - Check out the investigation on page A60 - what did the cracker look like? What do you think helped change the cracker? Why?  Read on in your science book pages A61-65.  Try to answer the questions next to the pictures and at the end in your mind. This is a great way to study what you have read. When you are finished, do workbook pages 27 and 28 then fill in the lesson 4 section on the cover of your packet.

O  Spanish - please check back here for your Spanish lesson. 

Enjoy your day!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Thursday, June 4

This morning I am thanking God for many things. At the top of my list, I thank him for protecting my best friend during the storm yesterday. A tree fell on her garage. It is devestating to lose things, but things can be replaced. People cannot. I thank God she is okay. I also hope and pray you all are safe and okay after a very stormy Wednesday.

Begin today with your prayers. Honor Mary with a decade of the rosary. Today we pray the fifth Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion. There is a time and place for everything in God’s plan, and every debt in the universe needs to be settled eventually. This was the day, the cross was the place, two thousand years ago was the time, that God decided to save us all. And even during his pain on the cross, Jesus forgave. Pray that we may be like Jesus and forgive others as he forgave us.  Also, say a prayer for our 8th graders who will be graduating from Guardian Angels today. 

Today, I would like you to review your vocabulary words by doing the Target Vocabulary worksheet for practice. If you need to re-take the spelling test, go to Spelling City and do the test there.  For a grammar review, read pages 548-549 in your big reading book about adverbs and adjectives. Do the "try this" activity with a parent for review. For practice, do workbook page 231 (the LAST page!). Decide if the underlined word is a noun or a verb and chose the word to complete the sentence. 

Reading - look over the information on the lesson plan sheet for a link to the story in your reading book. It is always a good idea to review the story before a test. You will need your book when you take the test as they will ask you to look on a certain page to answer a question.  Be sure to take your test in a quiet space, away from distractions. Do your best and use your noodle! Put this in the folder I will collect. 

Math - we will be on the third page in the math packet (the copier cut off the page and lesson numbers). Have a parent read the mini-lesson I wrote for comparing fractions. 

Below is what you need to finish today:

O  Target Vocabulary worksheet and retake spelling test, if needed, on Spelling City

O  Read pages 548-549 in your reading book to review adverbs and adjectives. Complete workbook page 231 in your workbook. 

O  Reading - review the story online before taking the reading test. Make sure your name is on the top and you answer every question. Take your time; do your best. Put this in the folder you will return to me.

O  Math - third page, front & back, in your math packet on comparing fractions.

O  Computer lesson is below: 


Remote Learning Assignments

Week 9:  June 4, 2020

Grade 2


  • Update your remote learning journal we created a few weeks ago in Microsoft Word. Write a short paragraph describing your overall experiences and  feelings during this time of remote learning. 


  • When typing, please use proper home row position with your finger placement.  As best you can, try not to look down at the keyboard.  I know we have not learned all of the keys, just take your time and do your best! 


  • Please save this document to your computer.  If you can, email me your document at : or print and save for when we meet again.


I miss you!! Have a safe and happy summer!!


I will be out helping my friend today with the clean-up from the storm. I will check my phone for any questions you have. 

Miss you all!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Wednesday, June 3

Good morning 2nd graders (and parents)! When I woke up, it was raining at my house. I wasn't going to get to go for my morning walk. But instead of being upset, I thought of all the good things about the rain - it gives the plants what they need (and I don't have to water them today) and it gives animals what they need (I noticed the streams were drying up so the turtles and fish will be happy with more rain). In other words, always look for the good. It may be hidden, but it is there. When it rains, look for rainbows.

God gave Noah a rainbow as a promise he would never destroy the whole earth with a flood.  Rainbows are still a sign of God's promise to always love us, no matter what. As you say your morning prayers, thank God for his love. Pray a decade of the rosary to honor Mary. Today we say the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery - The Carrying of the Cross. As Jesus carried his cross, it was a wonder how he was even still alive. He was beaten by the guards as he struggled to carry the cross. He collapsed three times, because of his pain. The guards knew he would not make it to Calvary, so they forced Simon of Cyrene to help Jesus so he would not die along the way. Pray that you will be a helper to those in need. Always help others to "carry their cross."

Today you will be proofreading for misspelled words on workbook page 229 and then figure out the words at the bottom. Don't forget to take your spelling pretest on Spelling City today. If you miss any words, write them 5x each in your copybook for practice.  You can take the test again tomorrow. Practice your vocabulary words by doing the worksheet where you will need to cut out the word and match it to the definition.  Make sure a parent checks that you did this correctly. When you finish, do workbook page 228 as a review of prefixes and suffixes that change the meaning of a word (the root word). Read over the words in the word bank and underline the root word in each. Use what you know to put those words in the correct sentences at the bottom.

Reading - workbook pages 224-225. Pretend you are walking down the street and meet Ben Franklin!  How cool would that be? He invented a time machine and now, here he is, in June of 2020!  Follow the directions and read the pages that they give you. Draw a picture of his invention today and explain to him how it has changed since he invented it.  Maybe it is made from different material or has changed in other ways. I'm sure he would be surprised!

Math - page 2 (front and back) in your math packet. Read over the mini-lesson on the lesson plan sheet. Do the front and the back and we will discuss this lesson on zoom today.

Here is your list of things to do today:

O  Workbook page 229 and spelling pretest on Spelling City. You can also play some spelling games!

O  Vocabulary definition cut & glue worksheet

O  Reading workbook pages 224-225 enlightened (be sure to use complete sentences)

O  Math page 2 (front and back) in packet

O  Religion - carefully tear out page 306 in your workbook and complete the page. Put this in your folder of things I will collect. Make sure your name is on the top!

O  Science - Check out the investigation on page A54. Can you predict what will happen? If you have the materiels, have a parent help you make the tool to find out if your prediction was correct. Read pages A55-59 and see if you can answer/discuss the questions next to the pictures and at the end of the lesson. This is a way to study and remember what you have just read. Then you can do workbook page25 and fill in the cover page notes for lesson 3.

O  Gym day! Play outside before the afternoon storms the weatherman is predicting. 

O  Zoom at noon - we will discuss the math lesson and any other questions you may have.

Have a great day!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Tuesday, June 2

Welcome to another beautiful day! Today is Tuesday and is our usual Art day. Look over Sr. Maria's art lessons in the distance learning section and create something beautiful. Another beautiful way to start the day is talking with God. Begin with your morning prayers and then honor the Blessed Mother by saying a decade of the Rosary. Today we will continue with the third Sorrowful Mystery - The Crowning with Thorns. They crowned him with thorns and used a stick to smack the crown down on his head driving the thorns deep into his skull. He felt it all. He accepted it all. It seems we will do anything to avoid pain and suffering today. But not Jesus. He allowed each thorn, each taunt to strengthen his resolve to do what was before him. As you pray, ask God to give you courage like Jesus.

Today, we start with reviewing syllables. Please read over the mini-lesson I wrote on the lesson plan sheet with a parent to go over dividing words into syllables. Be sure to memorize the hint for words that end in -le - they bring the consonant with them to be the final syllable. Do workbook page 223 and then go back and divide all the -le word choices into syllables for practice. For spelling, you will fill in the blanks on page 226. For grammar, it is more practice with adjectives and adverbs. Read the top box on page 227 and follow the directions for the sentences at the bottom.

Reading - check out the short biography starting on page 544 in your reading book. When you have finished this, go to the Epic Books website and find the book I assigned for you. I believe you can read it or have it read to you. Sometimes, I just like to sit and listen to a story. I hope you enjoy this book and learn more about Benjamin Franklin.

Today for Math, we will be working in the math packet I delivered last Thursday. Please have a parent read over the mini lesson I wrote on the lesson plan sheet. Parents, if your child has difficulty "seeing" fractions, cut out a circle and fold it in half, quarters, etc.(or order a pizza! ) After reading over the top part of the page explaining how to write fractions, practice writing them on the front and back of the first page.

Here is your checklist for today:

O  Workbook pages 223enlightened, 226, 227 for phonics, spelling, and grammar (don't forget there are games on Spelling City to do for practice with your spelling words)

O  Read the short biography in your big reading book starting on page 544. Then go to the Epic Books website and view the assigned book. Enjoy!

O  Math - front and back of the first page in your packet (fractions)

O  Religion - do pages 304-305 in your religion book

O  finish lesson 2 from yesterday in your science packet if you did not get it done

Have a wonderful day!

heart Mrs. Grenier

* I have a special request for you to pray for my old little basset hound, Rosebud. She is not doing very well and we are very worried.




Monday, June 1

Welcome to a brand new week in a brand new month! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and you were able to get outside to enjoy the wonderful weather. I know I did! Today is supposed to be just as beautiful so let's get started so we can get outside...

As always, begin your day with your prayers. Pray for those who are sick; pray for peace in our world. Be sure to thank God for all the good things he has provided for us. We will continue to honor Mary by praying another decade of the Rosary. Today we pray the second Sorrowful Mystery - The Scourging at the Pillar. This was, indeed, a very sorrowful time for Jesus. He was tied to a post and beaten. It was a very cruel way Jesus' enemies mocked Him and watched on with pleasure as He was scourged. Although this mystery is so very hard to think about, it reminds us to never hate another person or rejoice in their misfortunes. Always choose love.

Last Friday we began our last story, Now & Ben. Review your spelling words on the word list. We are working with words that have the long e and long o sounds spelled in different ways. Read over the words in the word banks on workbook page 219 and fill in the blanks. On workbook page 220, you will be sorting your words by spelling and by sounds. 

Reading - review copare and contrast on page 540 in your big reading book. Reread the story with this in mind. Then, on page 543, it says that Ben Franklin had many inventions and did many important things. What do you think his most important thing that he did in his life? Why? In your copybook, write a paragraph to explain your answers. Remember to start with an introduction sentence telling me what the most important thing is: example "I think the most important thing Ben Franklin did was...." Don't forget to give me at least two facts about why you think this was the most important thing. You can use examples from the book to support your opinion. 

Grammar - more adjectives and adverbs. Read the review box at the top of workbook page 221. Follow the directions for the bottom activity on the same page.

Math - carefully tear out the My Review pages from your workbook. (be sure to put your name at the top!). Complete the pages and put them in the folder that you will give to me next week.

Below is your list of things to do:

O  Workbook pages 219-220

O  Grammar page 221

O  Reading and writing - reread the story and see the writing question above. Write your paragraph neatly in your copybook. enlightened

O  Zoom at noon - we will talk about the story and your paragraphs

O  Religion - read pages 302-303. Think of all the wonderful things God has made for us. Are we taking care of them? Because we have a special place in God's creation, we have the responsibility to care for the world. When you are finished reading, think about these questions: Where do we find God's gifts of creation? How can we show our respect for God's creation? Make sure you try to do all the things you checked off on page 303. Were you able to think of other ways to care for God's creation?

O  Science - Look over the investigation on page A48. If you have the items, have a parent help you make the model. A model is a way to show how a real object works. Read pages A49-53 about your bones and muscles. When you are finished reading, think about the questions on the bottom of A53. Then do workbook pages 22, 23, and 24 in your packet and fill in the notes on the cover for lesson 2. Remember, you can work on this today and tomorrow. Then go outside and use those muscles and bones!

We will zoom at noon to talk about Now & Ben. If you have any other questions, be sure to raise you hand and ask!

Have a great Monday!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Friday, May 29

It was so good to see you yesterday! I miss you all and I miss being together as we move into the last part of our school year together. We are going to have a lot of fun today, though, as we learn all about insects at our noon Zoom! If you have any questions for Miss Christina, our insect expert, please send them to me so I can get them to her as soon as possible before our meeeting. 

As we always do, begin today with our prayers. Pray for those you love, our leaders, our teachers, the sick, and, finally your own needs. Honor Mary with a decade of the rosary. Today we being the Sorrowful Mysteries. Although these mysteries are about the sad and painful times in Jesus' life, we know that he did all these things out of love for us. We can be truly happy and filled with joy knowing that he did all these things for us. The first Sorrowful Mystery is The Agony in the Garden. Stay awake. Jesus said it three times. But his disciples could not. They let him down. Imagine how alone he felt that night in the garden. Have you ever been in agony—real pain in your body or a deep, sad pain in your heart? Multiply that by infinity and you may have a small idea of what Jesus was experiencing that night in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Please see Sister Jerilyn's Friday video You can also view this from the school's website and Facebook page.'s time to get started. As it says on the lesson plan sheeet I delivered yesterday, we are going to skip to the last story in the book because I think it is one you will really enjoy. Look over your new spelling words for this week and, as you say them, listen for the long E and long O sound. The words have different ways of spelling that sound: ea or ee for the long /e/ sound and oa or ow for the long /o/ sound. Read them over with a parent and then do workbook page 217 and write them 3x each for practice in your copybook.

Read over the vocabulary words in your reading book on pages 516-517.  Our reading selection this week is Now and Ben. This is a fun title. We know that Ben Franklin lived a long time ago. As you read, notice the "now" is our time, and the "Ben" is during Ben's time. Think: Now and Then :-) Since we have a special guest for our zoom meeting today, check out the preview on page 519 and then read this story with a parent and think about how things are the same/different (compare/contrast) now and back in Ben Franklin's time, over 200 years ago. We will talk about this during our Monday zoom.

Grammar - please read over the mini-lesson for a review of adjectives and adverbs. Then do workbook page 218 to show me what you know!

Math - lesson 8 pages 783-786 in your math book. Use the square tile in your bag of shapes and cover the shape on page 783. How many did you use for each shape? If you read the top of page 784, it shows you that rectangles can be partitioned into equal sized squares. Just like they did for you, you can count the squares to describe its size. How many squares is called the AREA thata is covered. Do #1-8. Try the bottom of page 785 using the square shape from the bag. (I hope it fits evenly, but if not, have a parent help you cut out 10  1 inch by 1 inch squares from color paper). On page 789, you will need to use your noodle (and draw a picture) to help you figure out the answers. 

Here is your list to do...when you are finished - you are done for this week! 

O  Spelling workbook p. 217 and words 3x each in your copybook

O  Read over vocabulary words in your reading book, preview the topic and read Now and Ben. Pages 516-539 (look closely at the pictures!)

O  Grammar workbook page 218

O  Math lesson 8 pages 783-786

O  Religion - read pages 300-301 What does Jesus' new commandment help us to do? Answer that question on page 301. Show your love as many times as you can!

O  Science - look at page A40-41 in your science book. Read over the fun facts and see how many of the vocabulary words you know. If you aren't sure of their meanings, look them up in the glossary! Read pages A43-47. I bet you have many pictures from when you were born to now. Look through the photo albums with your parents. How have you changes? Do you still look the same? What is the same and what is different? Do workbook pages 20-21 in your packet and fill out the lesson 1 notes on the cover. Remember, you can work on this over the weekend.

O  Spanish - Maestra Kimberly's lesson:    ¡Hola estudiantes!  ¿Cómo están?  For today's lesson, I made a video reading a book that my abuelita, my grandmother, read to me when I was little.  It is a fun book that will have you looking at numbers in a whole new way.  Watch where I point and see how well you can follow the story.  I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can share with me which is your "número favorito" from the book.  My "número favorito" is "dos," because I think the "patito" is so cute!  Here is the video:

See you on Zoom at Noon! 

heart Mrs. Grenier


Thursday, May 28

Good Thursday morning, my friends! It may be kind of dreary outside today, but that doesn't mean you have to be dreary inside - when it's cloudy and rainy outside, be a bit of sunshine with your thoughts, words, and actions. And with that...let's begin our day with our prayers. Thank God for the rain that helps the farmers crops grow so we have food to eat. Honor Mary with another decade of the Rosary. We will pray the fifth Luminous Mystery - The Institution of the Eucharist. Do you know what happened at the Last Supper? Of course you do! In this mystery, we remember the Last Supper and Jesus' gift to us. During this meal, he gave us the Eucharist as a way to remember him and to always be with us.  This was the very first Mass. 

Today we will finish up our lesson on Yeh-Shen. Do the target vocabulary sheet as a review of the words for this week. Make sure a parent checks your answers. Please take the spelling test on Spelling City. Good job for those who got them all correct. If you missed some words on the pretest, take the test again today. You guys have been doing awesome in spelling!

In your big reading book, read over pages 478-479 about possessive nouns. Remember if the sentence is talking about one person or thing that has something, you would use the 's.  If the sentence is talking about more than one person or thing that has something, you would use the s'. Check out the examples and do the "try this" section in your mind. Practice what you know on workbook page 201 by following the examples at the top. Yes, you need to rewrite the sentences. No, you do not have to do page 200. :-)

Reading test - it's always a good idea to reread the story before you take the test. I will put the link to the youtube video if you would like to listen to the story in the checklist below. Once you have reviewed the story, find a quiet place to take your test. Remember to read each question and all the choices. I also want you to think about the sounds we practiced this week in phonics and spelling - the OW sound. Again, be sure to read all the choices before marking you answer. When you are finished, put this in the folder I will be collecting. 

Math - lesson 7 - halves, thirds, and fourths. Try out page 777 using your shapes in the bag I gave you. You will have to trce them because I think I only gave you one of each shape. For the first one, how many squares did you trace to cover the rectangle? The square? Write that number on the line. On page 778, it explains the word "partition" which means to seperate a shape into equal parts. We've talked about dividing something in half, or two equal parts. Notice how they divide the shapes into three and four equal parts. Use that information to answer the questions on page 778. Use your noodle on page 779. On page 780, you could draw out a picture to help you solve the problems. Have a parent check over your work.

Your list of things to do today are below:

O  Spelling test on SpellingCity and the Target Vocabulary worksheet

O  Grammar - review pages 478-479 in your reading book and do workbook page 201

O  Reading test - make sure your name is at the top and all the questions are answered. You can listen to the story on 

O  Science - I would like you to do the last four pages in the science packet. they are labeled AG7-AG10. When you finish, make sure your name is on the front of the packet and put it in the folder I will collect. 

O  Religion - read pages 298-299.  Do the activities on these pages and take note of the key word. When you are finished, you should be able to answer these questions: What did Jesus teach us? What new commandment did Jesus give us? Remember to be a ray of sunshine today - show your love with your thoughts, words, and actions! Surprise someone with an act of kindness :-)

O  I will be stopping by this afternoon to collect your work and give you the last packet for this school year yes. Please put all your work in a bag (keep the plastic folder to keep your work you will turn in later). I will send an email with what you should return to me.

O  Music Zoom with Mrs. Mercer at 10am and look for Mrs. Frank's Computer lesson later on in the distance learning tab.

See ya later!

heart Mrs. Grenier





Wednesday, May 27

Good morning 2nd graders! Today is Wednesday, which is also gym day, so put on your GARS gym clothes and do something active today! For our lesson, we will be following the ones labeled Tuesday, May 26 on the paper. I know it is all kinds of confusing - but think of it this way - only four days of school this week! Do your best!

Begin your day with your prayers. Honor Mary by saying a decade of the rosary - today is the fourth Luminious Mystery - The Transfiguration. Jesus wants to show us what is possible. Too often our vision is too earthbound. He wants to open our hearts and minds to all that is possible far beyond our limited thinking. The disciples, like you and I, could only see Jesus in a very limited way because of their human limits. Jesus took Peter, John, and James up on the mountain so God the Father could open their spiritual eyes wider than ever before and see Jesus in all his glory.

Let's get started with our Spelling - today you will be proofreading sentencees on workbook page 199. Circle the misspelled word then write it correctly on the line. I have the words on Spelling City and made 2 assignments - one with games and one with your pretest/test. Be sure to take the pretest today and write any missed words 5x each for practice. Practice your vocabulary words using the worksheet to cut the words out and match them to the definitions. Have a parent check to make sure you matched them correctly.

Reading - read the story of Cinderella on pages 470-476. This is probably the version of the story you are most familiar with. As you read, think about how the story is the same and how it is different from Yeh-Shen.

Writing - workbook pages 194-195. Last week you wrote a brochure for fossil hunters, today you will write a travel brochure for visiting the important places in Yeh-Shen's story. Read each page they give you then explain what event happened there. Then illustrate your brochure.

Math lesson 6 - pages 771-774. Try out the activity on page 771 - use an item shaped like a cube from your home - a Rubics Cube, a tissue box, even make a cube out of Legos. The point of this lesson is that the faces (the flat parts) that make up 3D shapes are two dimensional shapes (like square, rectangle, triangle etc.) If you think of dipping the face of the shape in paint then stamping it on paper, that may help you "see" the shapes. We will talk about yesterday and today's math pages on Zoom at Noon today.

Here is your list of stuff to do...

O  Spelling workbook page 199 and Spelling City pretest

O  Vocabulary cut and glue worksheet

O  Reading - read Cinderella on pages 470-476 (a good activity to do before going to bed)

O  Writing - workbook pages 194-195 enlightened

O  Math lesson 6 pages 771-774 - bring your workbook to the Zoom meeting - also bring as many solid shapes you can find in your home (1 each) - cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, cone

O Science - You do not have to do the investigation on page A30! laugh You can watch a youtube video about the life cycle of a frog and see how it changes as it grows. At the end of the video, there are other life cycles - a ladybug and a catapillar, if you want to check them out too. Here is the link Read pages A31-35 in your Science book.  Do workbook pages 15 and 16 in your science packet.

Have a great day and I will see you on Zoom at Noon!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Tuesday, May 26

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a very happy Memorial Day Weekend. We celebrate this holiday to remember all those brave men and women that gave their lives serving our country. While people say Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, we know it is so much more. So while I hope you all took the time to enjoy the little things, as it says above, I hope you also took time to remember we enjoy all these things because others before us fought for our freedom to have them. 

Begin your day, as always, with your prayers. Pray, especially, for all those who gave their lives serving our country. Pray for those that are still serving, that God may protect them in whatever they do. Honor Mary with another decade of the Rosary. Today we continue with the Third Luminous Mystery - The Proclamation of the Kingdom. When Jesus spoke about the kingdom, he confused many people. They had a certain image of God and his ways, and Jesus turned them upside down and inside out. In our own ways, we too have images of God and ways of thinking about how God does things that he wants to turn upside down—which as it turns out will be right side up.

Today, we will be doing the plans written under the date Friday, May 22 on my lesson sheet. 

For Spelling you will again be working with words with the /ow/ sound. On workbook page 196, read over your spelling words in the box to refresh your memory, then match them to the clues. Page 193 in your workbook is a review of words you have had before. Choose words from the word bank that fit the riddles for 1-5 then use them in sentences at the bottom. The grammar page today on 197 is about possessive nouns. Follow the directions at the top of each section and underline the correct sentence. 

Reading and writing - in the last story we read about the dog who found the dinosaur bones, we discussed how the author would give an opinion about something and then support their opinion with facts. When you are writing, you need to use facts that support your opinion. Look at the example at the top of page 192 in your workbook. The author's opinion is that Yeh-Shen was lonely. Below are three details (facts) from the story - but one of them has nothing to do with being lonely. Obviously, #3 is the correct answer. You are to read each opinion and cross off the detail that does not support the opinion.

Have  a parent help you copy/paste the youtube address in your browser and listen, again, to the story. It's been a while since we read it together. As you listen, think about how Yeh-Shen's stepmother and stepsister acted a the beginning of the story compared to the end. In your copybook, write a few sentences describing how they feel a the beginning and end of the story. I will have the link in your daily list of things to do below.

Math - lesson 5 on pages 765-768. Faces, Edges, Vertices. Connect the dots on pag 765. Can you name the shape? Can you find something in your house that is the same shape. (dice from a board game, a box of tissues). Because I wrote these plans originally for Friday, and today is Tuesday, we are not going to have zoom (other siblings have their schedules too) today. But if you are holding a cube, you can feel the flat sides (faces), the edges, and the pointy corners are the vertices. Here's a hint I like to share: when asked how many faces are on a cube or rectangular prism, I always like to think of dice. One is called a "die" - and if you think about it, each face on a die is numbered for you! How many faces are there? Yes, six! Just remember, faces have to be flat!

Things to do today:

O  Workbook pages  193, 196, and 197

O  Reading - listen to the story at

O  Writing - In your copybook, write a few sentences describing how the stepmother and stepsister acted at the beginning and end of the story. How were they different? What did they learn? enlightened

O  Math pages 765-768 - have a parent check your work. Do IXL section U3 for practice

O  Religion - read over pages 296-297 with a parent. God has given us so many things. Today we read about faith, hope, and love. Finish the prayer on page 297, thanking God for the gifts he has given you. If you have trouble thinking of gifts, just take a look at the picture at the top of today's webpage. Can you answer the following questions? What is the greatest of God's gifts to us? What is the greatest gift we can give God? Remember to thank God often for everything he has given to us.

O  Art - look on Sr. Maria & Sr. Angela's art lessons. I think we are on lesson 4, but you can also create whatever you want. Remember to share a picture by email with them.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Friday, May 22

Good morning! I am sure you had a wonderful day yesterday! It was a beautiful day to celebrate the Ascension of our Lord! Remember, we celebrate Jesus' return to heaven. His time on earth was over, but He  gave us hope by promising that "when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also".

As we always do, begin today with your prayers. Thank Jesus for preparing a place for us in heaven. Honor his mother, Mary, by praying another decade of the Rosary. We will contiunue today with the second Luminous Mystery - The Wedding Feast at Cana. This was Jesus’ first public miracle. And it takes place rather quietly at a wedding. When the bride and groom ran out of wine, Mary took their need to Jesus. And he turned water into wine, a wine that was far better than the wine they had already served, and more wine than they could ever drink. Just as Jesus abundantly supplied more wine when it was in short supply at the wedding in Cana, he wants to provide abundantly for whatever is in short supply in our lives today. Do you ever need more patience? Maybe you need motivation to get things finished. I know I do - and I pray and ask Jesus to help me have more of these when I need them. Take your needs to Jesus too.

Although today is Friday, we will be working on the lesson I wrote for May 21. For phonics and spelling, you will be working with your words with the "owwww" sound. Your grammar page will be working with possessive nouns ending with s'. Look at the mini-lesson in the grammar section I wrote to help you with the workbook page. 

Math lesson 4 is about three-dimensional (3D) shapes on pages 759-762. I wrote a little explanation for you as you do page 759 in my mini-lesson plan. There is also a list of names for the 3D shapes at the top of page 360. Have you heard any of these names before? After you finish the pages, there will be an IXL activity to practice these shapes.


¡Hola estudiantes!  ¿Cómo estás?  ¿Bien?  I really enjoyed seeing some of the monstruos that you drew last week!  I hope you enjoy today’s lesson and if you have any questions or anything you want to share with me, you can email me at:  ¡Hasta luego! 

  1. Let’s pray the “Ave Maria” (Hail Mary).  You can pray it with this video:  If you are in Pre-K, you can just watch the video because we haven't learned this prayer together, yet.
  2. I just found a really fun show called “Salsa.” The show is in Spanish, but they made it so you can understand what is happening and learn new words in Spanish!  In the episode that you will watch today, the dog tells the story of Goldilocks (Ricitos de Oro) and the three bears (osos).  When you watch the video, see if you can figure out how to say “big” and “small” in Spanish. 
  3. Here is the link for the introduction to the video:
  4. Here is the link to the video:
God bless, 

O  Phonics and Spelling workbook pages 189-190 

O  Grammar workbook page 191 - possessive nouns with s'

O  Math lesson 4 on 3D shapes, then do IXL sections U1 and U2

O  Religion - carefully tear out page 294, put your name at the top, and complete the page. Put it in your folder I will collect next week.

O  Science - Look over A22-23 in your science book. Can you read the vocabulary words? Look them up in the glossary and read their definitions. Then read pages A25-29 with a parent. There are so many wonderful kinds of animals that God has created. Some have fur, some scales, some feathers. Some have bones and some do not. Enjoy reading about God's creations. Then do workbook pages 12 and 13 in your new science packet and fill out the information on the cover for lesson 1.

O  Spanish - I will send a remind with directions from Maestra Kimberly

O  no sentences this week for spelling smiley

Have a very happy Memorial Day Weekend.  Take time to stop and remember all the people who gave their lives protecting our freedom. God bless America!

heartMrs. Grenier



Wednesday, May 20

Another good morning to everyone! Today, we have new spelling words, vocabulary words, and a new story to read. Better get started...

After your morning prayers, honor Mary with another decade of the Rosary. Today we will begin the Luminous Mysteries. Luminious means "light" and these mysteries show us times in Jesus' life on earth that showed his divinity.  The first Luminous Mystery is The Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. Jesus, the Son of God, went to John the Baptist to be baptized. John felt unworthy even to untie Jesus’ sandals, but Jesus stood in line with sinners and presented himself to John to be baptized. At that moment, as Jesus stood in the water, the heavens opened and God the Father said, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”  

Here we go with another new story! Take a look at your new spelling words on your word list for Lesson 28 - Yeh-Shen. Read over my mini lesson on your lesson plan sheet about the sound all these words have in common. You will need to say these words out loud for a parent to hear, just so you know you are saying the correct sound. (you do not have to drop a heavy book on your toe!) Do the workbook page 187 and write the words 3x each in your copybook.  There are also new vocabulary words. Check them out with a parent to make sure you know how to say them. Read over the words used in sentences on pages 452-453 in your big reading book. For grammar, we will be working with possessive nouns again. Read over the little lesson I wrote on your lesson plan sheet. On page 188 in your workbook, you need to underline the sentence that shows a person owns or has something.  Easy-peasy!

We will be reading and discussing this week's selection, Yeh-Shen at our 2:00 zoom meeting. Read over pages 454 about sequence of events and preview the topic about traditional stories on page 455. Don't forget to bring your reading book to our zoom meeting! I think you will recognize this traditional fairy tale!

Math - carefully tear out page 757 and complete the front and back. Put this in the folder I will collect (make sure your name is at the top!). I found a few things to do to review shapes on Khan Academy, so look for the info in your checklist.


¡Hola estudiantes!  ¿Cómo estás?  ¿Bien?  I really enjoyed seeing some of the monstruos that you drew last week!  I hope you enjoy today’s lesson and if you have any questions or anything you want to share with me, you can email me at:  ¡Hasta luego! 

  1. Let’s pray the “Ave Maria” (Hail Mary).  You can pray it with this video:  If you are in Pre-K, you can just watch the video because we haven't learned this prayer together, yet.
  2. I just found a really fun show called “Salsa.” The show is in Spanish, but they made it so you can understand what is happening and learn new words in Spanish!  In the episode that you will watch today, the dog tells the story of Goldilocks (Ricitos de Oro) and the three bears (osos).  When you watch the video, see if you can figure out how to say “big” and “small” in Spanish. 
  3. Here is the link for the introduction to the video:
  4. Here is the link to the video:

O  Spelling workbook page 187 and write your new words 3x each (maybe try the third time in cursive to see if you remember!)enlightened

O  Vocabulary - read over your words with a parent to make sure you are saying them correctly. Read them in context on pages 452-453 in your big reading book.

O Grammar - workbook page 188

O  Reading - read pages 454-455 in your big reading book before our 2:00 Zoom meeting.  Have your book with you so we can read the story together. Please remember to find a place to sit so you are not walking around with your device. (It makes Mrs. Grenier dizzy!)

O  Math - Check progress page 757-758, Khan Academy - I clicked an assignment button to do a couple video lessons with practice. I hope they show up! Please email/Remind me if something doesn't work and I will try to figure it out on my end.

O  Religion - pages 290-291 Honoring Mary on special days. Read about Mary's feast days during the year. When you are finished these pages, see if you can answers these questions: Why do parishes gather to celebrate Mass on January 1st? Why do people put statues and pictures of Mary in their homes and churches? You can write about what our class did to honor Mary this year on page 291.

O  Science - Finish the rest of your packet that say Assessment Guide (AG1-AG4) - put this packet in the folder I will collect

O Gym day - do some physical activity! I'll be doing yardwork!

See you at 2:00 for Zoom!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Tuesday, May 19

Good morning! It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood. We have a lot of things to do today. My mom always told me that your can't get done unless you get let's do this!

Begin your day with your prayers. As we honor Mary during her special month, today we pray the fifth Glorious Mystery of the Rosary - The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth. A coronation is a ceremony of crowning someone who is to be a king or a queen. God was so pleased with Mary's devotion, He crowned her queen of heaven. There is no greater title on earth than "Mother of God". This makes Mary our spiritual mother. Who is greater than Mary? No one but God. As you pray, ask Mary to guide you, not only in the right things to do, but to also listen to your own mother, as she helps you here on earth. 

We have some things to do to review for the reading test. Do the target vocabulary worksheet to review the words. Make sure a parent goes over it with you to make sure you get them correct. Go to Spelling City and take the spelling test for this week.  I put the pretest and spelling test in their own section. I hope this helps! You do not have to retest if you got them all right on the practice test. Practice combining sentences on workbook page 186. Look at the examples and then do the activity. Here is a hint: go back and review singular and plural possessive nouns on page 178 in your workbook.  You'll be glad you did! 

For reading, copy and paste the following link to listen to the story read to you. . If you have trouble with the link, google search the title and look for the read aloud by Mrs. Baxter. Think about the facts and opinions that you hear. After you listen to the story, find a quiet place to take your test. Listen to a parent read the lesson plan for all my reminders that I always tell putting your name at the top.

Math is lesson 3 on pages 751-754. Sometimes when you are working out a problem, it helps to draw a diagram. Read over the example on page 751 that explains how the person came up with the answer. You'll need to use your noodle and draw out the shapes that are written in the problem. Think of it as math with art - because today is our art day!

O  Vocabulary target workseet for review

O  Spelling City spelling test

O  Grammar review on big reading book pages 448-449 and do workbook page178

O  Reading - listen to the story again using the youtube link above then take the reading test. Put the test in the folder that I will collect next week.

O  Math lesson 3 pages 751-754 then do IXL section T4 for more practice with sides and angles

O  Religion - read pages 288-289 about the Rosary. What words of Elizabeth's are part of the Hail Mary? How did Elizabeth know that God had chosen Mary to be the Mother of his only Son? You can use crayons or colored pencils to decorate the frame on pate 289.

O  Science - finish anything that was not completed yesterday. Look on the Review on page A20. See if you can answer the questions on this page. You do not have to write them down, just think about the answers. If you get stuck on a question, go back and find the answer in the chapter. This is a great study skill to prepare for a test.

O  Art - check out Sr. Maria's and Sr. Angela's art lessons in the distant learning section on my webpage. I think we are on their lesson #3. Send them a picture of your work, they told me they miss all of you and love to get emails.  You can send them to 

Have a terrific Tuesday!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Monday, May 18

Good morning my friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Are you ready for a fantastic week? Of course you let's get started!

As always, begin you day with prayers. As we have been doing all month, honor the Blessed Mother with a decade of the Rosary. Today we pray the fourth Glorious Mystery - The Assumption. As you know, Mary was so special she was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus, his son. Mary gladly accepted. All her life, Mary was dedicated to serving God. Just imagine what it must have been like to have lived during that time and meet her in person. Then at the end of her life, Mary was taken body and soul into heaven. Her reward for a life lived entirely for God. Pray that you will be like Mary and serve God in your life.

Today's Spelling lesson is to proofread for errors on workbook pag 184 and do the ABC order activity at the bottom. Don't for get to take the pretest on Spelling City and write any misspelled words 5x each for practice. Vocabulary work is to do the cut and glue words to their definitions on the worksheet. Also read over the mini lesson on stronger meaning words. There is a workbook page to practice on page 183.

For reading, you will be writing a fossil hunting guide. This type of writing/information would be found in a guide book you would get at a real place to dig for fossils, just like in Lyme Regis in England. On workbook pages 179-180, you will read the selected pages given then, in your own words, write a guidebook page on the given  lines. Write neatly!

Math Lesson 2 on pages 745-748. This lesson is on sides and angles. You can look up these words on your vocabulary cards or even in the glossary in the back of the book. Follow the directions at the bottom of page 745, using shapes I gave you in the plastic bag. Can you count the sides and angles?  Work on pages 746-748 before we zoom at 2:00pm. We will talk about shapes, and your answers, at that time. 

O  Spelling - workbook page 184 and Spelling City pretest

O  Vocabulary - cut and glue worksheet and workbook page 183

O  Reading/Writing - workbook pages 179-180 read then write guidebook pagesenlightened

O  Math - Lesson 2 pages 245-748, then do IXL T3 (note that the vertex is where two lines meet at a point. The point is the vertex and inside the shape is the angle. When they want you to count vertices, they are saying more than one vertex.)

O  Religion - read pages 286-286 and use the code to do the activity on page 287. When you are finished reading, can you answer these questions? Who is the greatest of saints? How did Mary know that God had chosen her to be the Mother of his Son, Jesus? I'm looking forward to seeing YOUR special way of honoring Mary when Mrs. Voight and William finish our virtual May Crowning!

O  Science - Look at the investigation on page A14 - we did a classifying activity with different types of matter. In this activity, you can classify leaves. If you want to do this activity, go outside and collect a leaf from many different plants (please stay away from the poison ivy!) and sort them into groups that show how they are alike. If you do this, send me a picture! enlightened Read pages A15-17 and review answers to the questions on the pages. Do workbook pages 6, 7, and 8 in your packet. When you are finished, fill in the lesson three section on the cover of your packet. (remember, you can do this work today and tomorrow)

Please note: I received an email from Johnson Corner Farm - the farm we went to in the fall to pick pumpkins. They shared that they will be doing a series of Virtual Farm Field Trips starting this week. They said to check out their facebook page  or you can sign up for their email at . I'm going to guess they will be showing how their crops grow, along with visits with their animals, which is a great way to use what you have been learning in science! 

Have a great day and I will see you at 2:00pm on Zoom!

heart Mrs. Grenier





Friday, May 15

Good Friday morning! It is going to be a beautiful day! It is a great day to go outside and play! Yesterday, I planted some sunflower seeds in several places around my yard. I guess God knows I'm not that great with plants because he sent a little rain this morning! I planted some other flowers around my yard too. Some have blooms and some look like they are ready to burst open soon. I bet a bunch will bloom today because it is going to be so warm. Walk around your yard. Do you see anything ready to bloom? Look at it in the morning, then again in the evening. Did it get bigger? Did the flower open? Take time to stop and look closely at all the wonderful things God has made.

Start this day, as always, with your prayers. To honor Mary in her very special month, say another decade of the Rosary. Today we will do the Third Glorious Mystery - Jesus sends the Holy Spirit. Remember how the diciples were so afraid after Jesus was crucified that they locked themselves in a room? They saw what happened to Jesus and I'm sure they were wondering if they would be killed because they were his friends. They were scared. What were they going to do, now that Jesus was gone? Jesus said he would be with them always. So he sent the Holy Spirit to them and their fear was gone and they were filled with courage. They were no longer afraid to go out and do what they knew Jesus wanted them to do. Share his Good News. In a way, we are like the diciples, having to stay in our home. Are you scared like the diciples? Remember that Jesus is always with you and he will get us through this time. Share his good news!

Let's get through our work so we can enjoy the beautiful day God has planned for us.

Spelling and Phonics - today's workbook page 178 is a review of possessive nouns. I wrote a little mini-review on the lesson plan sheet to refresh your memory. Also do workbook page 181 and match a word to the clue.  Your grammar workbook page today is more practice with adverbs on page 182. You got this!

Reading - Look on page 444 in your big reading book. There you will find an article (informational text) about a really cool place. How is the place it the article the same as Mary's town of Lyme Regis? How is it different. Write a few sentence to compare the two places and tell me how they are also different.  You could use a Venn Diagram before you write to guide your thinking. Remember that a Venn Diagram is two circles overlapping in the middle. One side is the tar pits, the other is Lyme Regis where you list how they are different. The middle, where they overlap is how they are the same.

Math Lesson 1 on pages 739-742. Review the names of the shapes and do questions 1-13. Fun stuff for Friday!

O  Spelling and Phonics workbook pages 178, 181 and 182

O  Reading - page 444-446 in your big reading book. Do the writing I explained above in your copybook enlightened

O  Religion - read pages 284-285 with a parent and answer the questions on both pages. How can you follow the Saints' example? How can we honor them in our daily life? 

O  Science - look at the investigation on page A8. What do you think will happen? Think of your bean plant. What would happen if you did not water it? What would happen if Mrs. Grenier didn't water her sunflower seeds? Then read over Lesson 2, pages A9-13. Check out the pictures. Go outside, like I said in the beginning, and look at several plants and trees in your yard. Maybe snap a picture of a flower you know is going to boom. Then take another picture in a few hours, then again in another few hours. How has it changed?  Then do pages 4 and 5 in your packet and fill in the chart for lesson 2 on the cover.

O  Here is your Spanish lesson from Maestra Kimberly:

¡Hola estudiantes!  ¿Cómo estás?  ¿Bien?  I hope you are bien.  I hope you have fun and if you have any questions or anything you want to share with me, you can email me at:  ¡Hasta luego! 
  1. In the video I made for you today we will look at "las partes del cuerpo" (the body parts) of two friendly "monstruos" (monsters).  Then I will teach you how to draw your very own monstruo!  If you are in Pre-K, you don't have to draw along if you don't want to - you can just watch the video and try to answer my questions.  Here is the video link:

Have a great weekend!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Thursday, May 14

Good morning and welcome to another beautiful day! As you know, yesterday was the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima. I was looking for the book I have at school to share with you online, but did not have any luck. I did find three special videos about the children of Fatima from EWTN. I will post those links in the checklist if you would like to check them out. One of the messages from Mary at Fatima was to say the Rosary every day.  Also, Pope Francis has asked all Christians to pray, fast, and perform a work of charity today to pray for an end to the coronavirus.

Let's begin with our prayers. As we have been honoring Mary each day of her special month, we will continue with the second Glorious Mystery - The Ascension. After spending 40 days with his disciples, Jesus ascended body and soul into heaven. Jesus did exactly what he said he would do. He was a man of his word. Why do we ignore and doubt his words so often? He said he would return one day. Imagine if he came today. Are you ready? Would you recognize him? Pray that you will be ready to see Jesus when he comes back.

For your spelling and phonics today, you will continue your work with words that have the /oo/ sound like you hear in book. The lesson plan explains what to do on pages 174-175 in your workbook.

For your reading today, in your big reading book, you need to read and review page 440 about facts and opinions. Do the activity with the chart in your copybook and find a fact or an opinion that the author gives you more information about.  Write them in the correct column. (you can't use the example they gave you). Workbook page 176 is more about adverbs. Read the examples at the top of the page and complete the bottom.

For math, we are starting a new chapter about Shapes and Equal Shares. Carefully tear out pages 727-728 Am I Ready? See if you remember these things from last year. Have a parent check your work. How did you do? I'm guessing you did fantastic! See the checklist for another activity to do.

O  Spelling and Phonics workbook pages 174-175, write 8 or more of your spelling words in a story. Use complete sentences (remember capital letters and punctuation!). Underline your spelling wordsl enlightened -just a picture of your story

O  Reading - reread the story, looking for facts and opinions that the author supports. Write at least two in a chart you make in your copybook enlightened

O  Religion - carefully tear out page 282 and complete the test. Make sure your name is at the top and put it in your folder that I will collect.

O  Math - do IXL sections T1 and T2 

O  Music zoom at 10:00am with Mrs. Mercer

O  Computers - look for Mrs. Frank's lesson in the distance learning folder. 

O  Fatima shows from EWTN: stories about the three children of Fatima (copy and paste)

Lucia:  , Jacinta: 


Have a great day!  Happy Birthday to Paul!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Wednesday, May 13

Good morning! What a nice, sunny day to wake up to. Well, it was still pretty dark when Nutley woke me up for his breakfast...but I got to see the sun rise! See how I did that? I REALLY wanted to sleep later and was kinda annoyed that Nutley was being a pest...BUT...I turned it around and noticed the beautiful morning that was just starting. I always think of it as God's way of turning me in the right direction. Try it next time you are feeling annoyed or angry. Think of the good things and turn your frown upside-down!

As always, begin your day with your prayers. Thank God for this wonderful day and the possibilities it holds. Honor Mary in her special month by saying a decade of the Rosary. Today, we will begin the Glorious Mysteries. The first Glorious Mystery is the Resurrection. It must have been a crazy day when word got out that Jesus, who many saw crucified days before, rose from the dead. Did people believe it? Some, even like the disciple Thomas, had to see it to believe it.  Jesus said to him, “Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” That is called FAITH. Ask Mary to help you have faith when things are difficult or you find something hard to believe. 

Here we go with another new story! Take a look at your new spelling words on your word list for Lesson 26 - The Dog that Dug for Dinosaurs. Read over my mini lesson on your lesson plan sheet about the sound all these words have in common. You will need to say these words out loud for a parent to hear, just so you know you are saying the correct sound. Do the workbook page and write the words 3x each in your copybook.  There are also new vocabulary words. Check them out with a parent to make sure you know how to say them. Read over the words used in sentences on pages 418-419 in your big reading book. For grammar, you will be learning more about adverbs. We have talked a little about them before, so read over the lesson plan and the box at the top of page 173 in your workbook. Just like adjectives give you more information/describe nouns; adverbs do the same for verbs. 

We will be reading and discussing this week's selection, The Dog that Dug for Dionosaurs at our 2:00 zoom meeting. Read over pages 420-421 about facts and opinions and preview the topic about fossils. Don't forget to bring your reading book to our zoom meeting!

For Math today, carefully tear out pages 721-724 for the Review. I gave you some hints to go over on the lesson plan sheet before you begin. Remember to put your name at the top and put this paper in the plastic folder to keep it safe until I collect it next time.

Here is your daily to-do list...

O  Spelling/Phonics workbook page 172 in your workbook, write words 3x each in your copybook

O  Vocabulary - read over words in your big reading book on pages 418-419

O  Grammar - adverbs on workbook page 173

O  Math - Review pages 721-724, save in collection folder enlightened

O  Religion - read pages 278-279 with a parent. This is a lesson about praying just as Jesus prayed. We have many prayers we use to pray together, as a community, in church, in school, and in our families. But we can also use our own words to talk to God. When you finish reading, think about some of the reasons why we pray. When do we join together to pray with our parish?  Don't forget to say the decade of the Rosary!

O  Science - New packet!  Make sure you are looking at the one that says Unit A Chapter One about plants. As you look on pages A2-3 in your book, read over the vocabulary words and look up their meanings in the glossary. Do the activity on page A4. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Label one column Living and the other Nonliving.  Draw or cut out three or more pictures from magazines/printed from the computer for each column. Send me a picture! enlightened Read the first lesson then do the workbook pages 2 and 3 in your packet and finish by filling in the lesson 1 section on the cover.

O  Yesterday I said it was Gym day - which was wrong! Today is Gym day. Yesterday was Art and Sr. Maria and Sr. Angela have a lesson for you in the Art section under my remote learning folder on this webpage. Be creative today - Sr. Maria loves seeing your work so send her a picture of your projects. You can do gym today too - go outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Tuesday, May 12

Good Morning! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone today! Still not sure about the weather - it's chilly! If we are out in front of the Convent, please park in the church driveway. We need to follow the rules, so make sure masks are worn and we observe the 6' rule (children will not wear masks for the prayer!). We will direct the children where to stand. You can take pictures too! If you do not see us outside, we will be in the school building. Either way, I'm excited to see you on this special day.

As always, begin with your prayers. In our way to honor Mary, we are on the 5th Joyful Mystery - Finding Jesus in the Temple. Mary and Joseph took Jesus with them to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. They travelled with a large group of people and, after returning home, realized he was not there. They searched for him for three days and finally found him in the Temple. They were so worried and asked Jesus why he would have done such a thing to them? He said, "Why were you worried? Didn't you know I would be in my Father's house?" As you pray, ask Mary to take care of all parents who worry about their children. Pray for the children who are lost, like the little girl we pray for that was taken from the park. 

Time to start our day...please do the Target Vocabulary worksheet as a review of your vocabulary words. Have a parent check your work. If you got all your words correct on your pretest, you do not have to take the spelling test. If you got some words wrong, retake the spelling test (testme) on Spelling City. I will be able to see your grade. There is also a grammar review on workbook pages 170-171. Read the directions and yes, you need to rewrite the paragraph correctly - and neatly. This is handwriting practice too!

Reading - remember to find a quiet spot with no distractions and take your time reading the question on your reading test. When you are finished and make sure all the questions have an answer filled in, check that your name is on the front and put it in the folder that you will return to me. If you get this finished before I see you at the school, bring it with you today. If not, no worries. I'll get it next time.

Math - Lesson 12, Measurement Data pages 715-718. Today we are putting measurement and graphs together. If you remember, back when we talked about graphs, we did line plots. Line plots are a graph that tells how many times a number occurs in your data. I like to think of it as a tally graph using Xs. For page 715, you will need to get five different things you write with. Measure them with an inch ruler. If they are in-between inches on your ruler, use the inch that it is closer to. Let's say the first one is 6 inches, you would put an X above the 6 on your line plot. If you have another one that is 6 inches, the X would go above the first one. Do you remember doing this, way back when? I know you do! Finish doing the pages in the lesson. Send a picture of just page 717 so I know you have the hang of line plots.

Here is your list of things to do today: 

O  Say the 5th Joyful Mystery of the Rosary. I will include the rosary picture at the bottom of this list.

O  Vocabulary - practice worksheet before the test

O  Spelling - take the Spelling Test on Spelling City if needed

O  Grammar review on workbook pages 170-171

O  Reading Test # 26 - The Mysterious Tadpole

O  Math Lesson 12, pages 715-718 in your workbook - send picture of page 717 enlightened

O  Gym Day!  do something active - after you change out of your First Communion clothes!

See you later!

heart Mrs.Grenier


Monday, May 11

Good morning! What do you think about the rocks above? How would you feel if you found one while you were outside? Has anyone found a pretty painted rock? I've actually been seeing them for the past couple weeks when I am out on my walks with the dogs. I saw one that had writing on it so I picked it up. It was the name of a group on Facebook. It is called South Jersey Rocks. The rock also said "please hide for someone else to find". Well, that was easy enough - and I walked on with a smile. Then I found another, different picture, same group. It really brightened my day to see the fun I thought I'd pass along the idea to you and your family. Paint some rocks, join the group (with your parents' help), "hide" the rocks where it is easy to see, and brighten someone's day. Share your sunshine! Pass it on...

Begin your day with your prayers. As a special honor for Mary, say a decade of the Rosary. Today we will do the 4th Joyful Mystery - The Presentation in the Temple. Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple to dedicate him according to their Jewish faith. Now, there was a man there who was very old, but the Holy Spirit told him he would see God's son before he died. When he saw Jesus, he knew immediately he had seen God. Now, we may not "see" God with our eyes, but we see Him in the kind actions of others. This story reminds us that children (like baby Jesus in the Temple) can lead people to God. YOU can too. Even by doing the rock activity is a way to show God's love. Pray to "show" Jesus to those around you, with your thoughts, words, and actions.

Spelling - today you will proofread for misspelled words on page 169 in your workbook.  When you finish reviewing your words, do some activities and take a practice test on Spelling City. If you miss any words, write them 5x each. 

For vocabulary practice, do the worksheet where you need to cut and glue the word to the definition. Have a parent check your answers. Take a look at page 168 in your workbook.  As you can see in the box, some words can have diffent meanings. Fly can mean the pesky insect or to glide through the air like a bird. When you read the sentence, decide which meaning the underlined word has from the box and write that meaning on the line.

Reading - You will be doing pages 164-165 in your workbook. You are going to pretend you are Louis in the story. As we say, you will be writing from his point of view. Make sure your read the pages that are given then write to your uncle, talling about what happened that day. For example, the first letter can be about what you named his gift and where and why you took him. Also, don't forget to check out the Epic Books link I sent to your parents in an email. Have a parent help you sign in and check out the Loch Ness Monster book I assigned. (please let me know if that assignment showed up)

Math - Lesson 11 pages 709-712. Read and do the activity on page 709. Try to do page 710 on your own. We can talk about it together at our Zoom meeting today and finish the rest of the lesson together. One question I have that I want you to think about - as you look at the pictures, would there be an easier way to arrage the items on the number line?  See you today on Zoom at 2:00pm.

Here is your Monday Checklist of things to do...

O  Spelling - workbook page169 and pretest on Spelling City

O  Vocabulary - cut and glue worksheet, workbook page 168

O  Reading - workbook pages 164-165 , point of view writing enlightened

O  Math - Lesson 11, do pages 709-710, we will finish together on zoom at 2:00

O  Religion - with a parent, read over pages 276-277 in your book. This lesson is about The Lord's prayer - a prayer you know by heart. But do you know what the words mean? Jesus taught this prayer to his diciples, and to us. Page 277 translates what each part of the prayer means. 

O  Science - Review your notes on the front of the packet and look back over the chapter. I'm going to skip a couple worksheets and have you finish the packet, the last pages that say AG 77-80. I would like you to do this today and put the whole packet (with your name on the front) in the folder I will collect tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Friday, May 8

Good morning boys and girls (and parents)! Put on your smiles -- it's Friday! 

As always, begin your day with your prayers. As we go through the month of May, a way to honor Mary is to say a decade of the Rosary. Today, is the third Joyful Mystery - The Nativity. What a special way to end this week with the mystery of Mary becoming a mom. As you know, there was no place for Mary and Joseph to stay in Bethlehem except a stable.  There, among the animals, the King of Kings was born. As you pray, remember your own mom and all the the wonderful things she does for you. Ask Mary to watch over her. This Sunday is a special day, Mothers' Day, to celebrate mom. Ask God to watch over your mom, and moms everywhere.

So let's get starts with a phonics review of suffixes and prefixes. Read the directions and add a suffix to the word. Go back and read your sentence again to make sure it makes sense. For spelling, you will be doing workbook page 166. You can always go to Spelling City and practice with a game or two. Your grammar workbook page 167 is practicing contractions. We use contractions a lot when we talk to people we are familiar with - friends and family. Writing out the words is a more formal way of speaking and writing.  Write the sentences at the bottom and practice your handwriting.  Remember not to write too large so that the sentence fits on the line.

For reading, I got a bit ahead of myself and assigned today's work yesterday. So I thought I'd give you something fun to do on Friday. Copy and paste the following link ( ) and watch a different version of The Mysterious Tadpole. Remember a "version" is the same story, told in different words.  I think you will really like this one!  You can also click on the Kids Bookshelf icon and find more books to enjoy. I had to click on Bear Snores On, because it's one of my favorites!

Yesterday you read about conclusions in your reading book on page 407. Authors don't always tell you everything so you have to figure things out using your background knowledge. We know that there was something different about Alphonse. They said he was a tadpole, but we know tadpoles become frogs and Alphonse did not look like a frog. What do you think about Louis' birthday present at the end of the story? In your copybook, write three or more sentences telling me your conclusions as to what will happen with the egg.

Math - Lesson 10 - more centimeters and meters. On page 703, measure your table or a window using centimeters.  If you do not have a meterstick, add up how many "rulers" the length is.  For example, if your table is 3 "rulers", you would have to add 37 + 37 + 37 because one ruler = 37 centimeters. For page 704, I will give you the measurement in centimeters, you figure out how many meters. (remember 100 centimeters = 1 meter). Yes, skip page 705.

1. door = 300 centimeters, 2. chair = 200 centimeters, 3. file cabinet = 1 centimeter

Then do page 706 before we have out 2:00pm Zoom.  

Last checklist for the week! 

O  Rosary - pray the 3rd Joyful Mystery 

O  Reading workbook pages 163, 166,  and 167

O  Writing - in your copybook, write your conclusions as to what will happen with the egg. enlightened (use complete sentences!)

O  Religion - with a parent, read pages 274-275. When you are finished, discuss the following questions: Where did Jesus and his family pray? How did Jesus pray? Do you pray the same ways Jesus did? What was the Temple? Why did Jewish families travel to Jerusalem? 

O  Science - Lesson 3 pages E44-49. Try out the investigation with your parent's help. Check your pan (hint: use a shallow pan) on Sunday and see if your prediction is correct. Read over the lesson with a parent and discuss the questions on each page. When you finish reading, fill in the cover page for lesson 3 and do workbook pages 116, 117, and 118 in your science packet. 

O  Spanish - Maestra Kimberly sent the following lesson for you to do today. If the link does not work, you may have to copy and paste into your browser.

¡Buenos días!  Good morning!  ¿Cómo estás? Bien?  Mal?  Así así?

I made a video activity for you this week!  I hope you have fun and if you have any questions or anything you want to share with me, you can email me at:  ¡Hasta luego!

Objective:  Body parts in Spanish

1.     Let’s pray the “Ave Maria.”  You can pray it with this video:

2.     Watch and follow along with my video about “las partes del cuerpo” (the body parts):

I'll see you at 2:00pm for our Zoom. Happy Mother's Day to all our amazing moms!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Thursday, May 7

It's Thursday!  It is also almost the last day of the Cape May County Zoo's "Zoo School" at home. I've missed a few classes, but have been going back, online, and catching the videos. Tuesday, was all about turtles. How many of you have seen a turtle crossing the road?  I see them all the time when I am out riding my bike and I always stop to move them off the road. Last year, I found out I was doing it wrong! I always just moved them back off the road. What you need to do is move them off the road in the direction they were going! This is because they will always end up going in that direction, so you need to help them along.  Always have a grown up help you and be very careful in the road! So next time you save a turtle, remember that little fun fact.

Let's begin our day as we always do with our prayers. To honor Mary, say another decade of the Rosary. Today we will do the 2nd Joyful Mystery: The Visitation. Mary went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, who was also going to have a baby. As soon as Elizabeth saw her, she praised her as "blessed among women". If you need help praying the rosay, you can use the little chart below.

For Spelling and Phonics today, you will be working with words that have the /oo/ sound. I will put the workbook pages in your list of things to do. Later, you can write all your spelling words in sentences.  Use your best handwriting! For Grammar, today, we are going to look at contractions with pronouns. Remember the apostrophe takes the place of missing letters. For instance, if I write the sentence - I've been missing you. - that is usuallly how we talk to one another who we are familiar with. Looking at the pronoun contraction, I can think in my mind that I've is a contraction for I have.  I have been missing you. That is a more formal way of speaking and writing.

Reading - in your copybook, draw a chart like the one on page 406 in your reading book. Who are the main characters? What is the setting of the story - areas on a farm? planets in outer space? places in a city? What is the plot of the story? Write a sentence describing the problem and another sentence explaining the solution. Read page 407 about conclusions. Make sure you read the rest of the story!  We will talk about the ending tomorrow during Zoom.

Today's math is lesson 9, page 697 in your math book.  Read the directions at the bottom of the page and draw two things you can measure in centemeters that you find in your house. Please read the top of page 698.  Just like comparing the length of things in inches or feet or yards, you can compare things using centimeters and meters. Change in plans again! I would like you to do problems on page 700 (yes, skip problems 1-6). I would then like you to do section S-10 on IXL. You might need scrap paper to write down some math problems. Look for clue words in the problems - if it asks how much in all, or total, you will need to add.  If it wants to know the difference, or how much longer/shorter something is than another object, you will need to subtract. 

Don't forget your music Zoom today with Mrs. Mercer at 10:00am and check for a computer lesson from Mrs. Frank.

Don't be slow like a these things on the list then go outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

O  Rosary - 2nd Joyful Mystery - The Visitation

O  Spelling and Phonics - workbook pages 159 and 160, spelling sentences in copybookenlightened

O  Reading - see above on making the chart in your copybookenlightened

O  Math - Lesson 9 on page 697 in your book and the top of page 698. Do page 700 and IXL section S-10

O  Religion - read pages 272-273 with a parent. Remember that God wants us to know him better.  That's why we learn about Him by reading the Bible, going to Mass, and listening to the priest's homily. We grow closer to him through the sacraments. God is always with us, both when we talk to Him in prayer, and when we are quiet and listen. How do you "hear" God? We've talked about this before. An example would be when you are given a choice to do something. You feel it in your heart that one choice is better than the other.  God is always directing you towards the better. Answer the questions on the prayer path on page 273.

O  Music and Computers today!

Enjoy your day!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Wednesday, May 6

Happy Wednesday and Happy Nurses Day to all our family and friends! As you say your prayers today, say a special prayer for all the nurses who are working long hours during this health emergency.  Many have to leave their own families to help others.  God bless all our nurses!

Today we start another new week in our reading books.  Look over the your new words for the week on Word List #26.  All our words this week have the same /oo/ sound that you hear in moon. Check out the words on the lesson plan paper and see how that same sound is spelled with different letters. After you practice using these words on workbook page 157, write your words 3x each in your copybook. This is a great time to practice your handwriting, so use the lines and write neatly!  I'm putting the words on Spelling City, so you can work on some games to practice.

We also have a list of new vocabulary words. Read over them with a parent to make sure you are pronouncing them correctly. On pages 380-381, read over your words used in sentences in your big reading book. We will be talking about story structure, again, for this story.  Characters, setting, and plot (the problem and then solution) all make up the story's structure. Keep these things in mind as you look over this week's story. You should also preview the topic on page 383 before we Zoom today at 2:00pm. We will read the story together at that time.

Don't forget to read over my mini grammar lesson on your lesson plan sheet. No irregular verbs today! Be sure to do the workbook page 158 and remember the apostrophe goes up high - if you put it low, it becomes a comma!

Math lesson 8 starting on page 691-692. Here are some hints to help you with centimeters and meters.  Centimeters are smaller than inches. On your ruler, you have 12 inches but if you flip it over you will see there are about 37 centimeters in 1 foot.  A meter is very close to a yard. There are 100 centimeters in a meter. Your yardstick is 36 inches/111 centimeters - so your yardstick is just a little longer than a meter.  Use this information to choose which tool you would use to measue items. Then you can go find a similar thing to measure. You do not need to do page 693!  Answer the questions on page 694. Do your best! 

Things to do today....(change in math lesson - hope it makes things a bit easier!)

O  Spelling - workbook page 157 and write words, neatly, 3x in your copybook

O  Vocabulary - go over words with a parent and review pages 380-381 in your reading book

O  Reading - preview the topic on page 383 - Zoom at 2:00pm to read the story together

O  Math - lesson 8 pages  691, 692, and 694 (yes, skip p. 693) centimeters and meters then do IXL S9 (this takes the place of page 693) 

O  Religion - Honor Mary today with a decade of the Rosary. We will start with the First Joyful Mystery: The Annunciation. You know this mystery; it is when Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel and was told she would be the mother of God's son. Was Mary scared? Maybe. Did Mary say she did not want to? No. Mary said "yes" to God. As you pray, ask God to help you say yes, even when you are unsure you can. Use the chart below:

O  Gym day!  Get up and move!  

O  See you at 2:00pm on Zoom! 

heart Mrs. Grenier


Tuesday, May 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  As you learned from Maestra Kimberly, today is a fiesta!  In Mexico, it began as a way to celebrate a battle where the Mexican army defeated the French; today, it is an even bigger celebration in the United States to celebrate Latino culture. I bet if we were in school today, you would have tacos to celebrate! 

As we say our prayers today, think about everyone who needs prayers to get well, not just in the United States, but all around the world. Sometimes, we only think about ourselves, or our country. The world is a big place and there are many people who are dealing with the same things we are dealing with. Even though this is an sad situation, knowing we are all in this together will bring us closer. To honor Mary on this Cinco de Mayo, say the Hail Mary in Spanish.

Be sure to read over your lessons today on the sheet of paper I gave you as well as here online. For Language Arts, we will review, as usual, before we take our Reading Test today. Do the Target Vocabulary worksheet in your packet to review your words. In your big reading book, read over pages 368-370. It is informational text about soil. Make sure to look over the diagram on page 370. What kind of soil do you have in your yard? In your cup where you plated your bean seeds? You will also do some review workbook pages to practice your grammar skills.  One is a review on how many commas are in sentences with lists. You know the rule! The other page wants you to correct the paragraph by changing the underlined verbs to past tense verbs. Yes, you need to rewrite the pargraph correctly.  When you are finished with reviewing, it is time to take the test. You know the in a quiet area, read the question and all the choices, make sure to answer all the questions, and don't rush. You may use your book if you need to look back at From Seed to Plant or Super Soil.

Math - read over the lesson on the lesson plan sheet for a little information about centimeters and meters. In lesson 7 in your math book, look at your ruler and make sure you use the centimeter side to measure things on all the pages. (if we were at school, we could use the cubes). Remember to estimate first, using what you know about the size of a centemeter and meter, then go and find the items, or similar items, to measure.


Checklist for the day...

O  Target Vocabulary worksheet - make sure a parent checks to make sure you have the correct answers.

O  Grammar review - workbook pages 155and 156 (also a good time to practice neat handwriting)

O  Spelling test - if you got all the words right on your pretest, you get a free spelling pass for today! If you spelled words incorrectly, try the spelling test again on Spelling City.  Make sure to log in with the username and password I sent to your email so your test comes to me. 

O  Reading - read Super Soil on pages 368-370 in your big reading books. When you are ready, take reading test # 25. Check to be sure you answered all the questions and then put the test in a folder that I will collect next week.

O  Math - Lesson 7 (pages 685-688) hint: remember that 100 centimeters = 1 meter.  

O  Religion - carefully tear out page 270 from your religion book and complete the test.  Please be sure to write your name at the top, write two things all Catholics share and celebrate at the bottom, and put this test in the folder that I will collect. enlightened

O  Science - finish anything that you need to do on the worksheets that you did not finish yesterday.

O  Have a parent send me your Flat Teacher project with pictures. I received most of them, but some did not have the story and some did not have pictures. I loved this project and will be sending your pictures to post on the school Facebook page. It looks like I had a lot of fun with you all! enlightened

O  Please hold on sending Hail Mary videos to Mrs. Voight.  Some of the videos are not sending clearly.  She and I were talking last night and we both want this to be a very special project for all of you.  I will be talking to her today.  She was saying the easiest solution would be for her to video on her phone.  Again, more info to come later today...stay tuned!

O Water and observe your bean plants.  Mine popped through the soil yesterday!

O  Today is Art and Sr. Maria and Sr. Angela have prepared some things for you to do! You can find a letter, explaining the lessons, in the distance learning tab in the Art file.  She wanted me to remind you to do what you can - no stress - and the lessons are to be fun!  She would also love to see some of the artwork you create.  Send your pictures to her and to Mrs. Voight to include in future social media presentations.

heart Mrs. Grenier

PS we will have our class zoom meeting tomorrow to go over the new reading selection.


Monday, May 4

Happy Monday and Happy Star Wars Day! Are you a Star Wars fan?  Have you seen all the movies?  My favorite will always be the very first one. I remember the very first movie, way back in 1977.  My sister and I waiting in a line that stretched across a huge parking lot, just to get tickets.  It is still my favorite Star Wars movie.  I'm sure it will be on TV today, and I'm pretty sure I'll watch it again!

As we begin our new week, let's begin with our prayers. Don't forget to offer a special prayer for Mary! Many of you sent pictures to me of your special place for Mary in your homes. Keep sending, I love to see them!

Read over today's lessons with a parent. I hope you had fun with the Flat Teacher project. I've received a couple already and it looks like I had a lot of fun!! I can't wait to see what else I did! Please send pictures of the project to my email or remind. I will collect your handwritten story for my classroom book next week.

For Spelling City - I created usernames and passwords and will be sending them via email. I'm still getting familiar with the program.  I believe you can now log in to my page with your info and I will be able to see what you do. I'm still learning too!  Please do the pretest and I will see at the end of the day what happens!

Reading - today is your chance to be a real scientist!  You will be working on workbook pages 149-150.  Be sure to read the pages it tells you to read then describe what happens from what you read.  Make sure to use complete sentences!  Then draw what it looks like. (Did you look at YOUR plants? I can see roots going down and sprouts growing up, but they have not popped through the dirt yet!). I will put the other pages to do in you checklist for the day.

Math - carefully tear out page 683 from your math book, and show me what you know!  Don't forget to put your name at the top and put it in the folder for me to collect. Do your best!

Monday list of things to do...

O  Spelling - proofread the journal on workbook page 154. Take the practice test on Spelling City and write any missed words 5x each. 

O  Vocabulary - Do the cut and glue worksheet in your packet and have a parent check your answers. Do page 153 in the workbook. Read the directions and use your context clues to find the meaning of the underlined word. Write the definition on the line and have a parent check your work. 

O  Reading workbook pages 149-150 enlightened

O  Math page 683-684 enlightened

O  Science - Read Lesson 2 (pages E38-43) with a parent. You can try to do the investigation if your parent says it is ok. Remember we talked about how water can change from one form of matter to another?  In this lesson it will explain how adding or taking away heat changes water. Discuss the answers to the questions under the pictures and at the end with a parent then do workbook (packet) pages 114-115 and fill in the lesson 2 box on the cover. (you may take a couple days to do this)

O  Religion - do pages 268-269 for a review of the chapter.  You may want to go back through the pages and remind yourself the meanings of the Key Words in red.  Remember to send your videos to Mrs. Voight at the address.

The sun is shining and I can hear the birds chirping outside my window. Make sure to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day God has given to us! 

heart Mrs. Grenier



Friday,May 1

Goodbye April and Hello May!  Remember all those April showers? Now it's time for the May flowers! I can't wait to start planting and this weekend looks like a great time to start.  What are you planning to do this weekend?  Make sure to go outside and soak up some sunshine!

May is also the month we celebrate Mary, the Blessed Mother. As always, let's begin with our prayers. Pray a special prayer, in your own words, letting Jesus know that you will try to honor Mary in a special way, each day. Today, if you have a statue or picture of Mary, make a special place in your home to honor her this month. Just like we put up decorations for Halloween or Christmas, decorate your home for Mary in May.


*Please see Sister Jerilyn's May Video Message on the GARS website homepage and pray the Rosary along with her.*

Thank goodness it's Friday!  Let's get over the lessons with a parent and use your checklist to make sure you finish everything. Then we can start fresh on Monday.  I'm hearing from parents that you are being so responsible and getting your work finished mostly on your own.  That makes my heart happy!  Keep being awesome!

I do need to change the Zoom meeting time. I have to get my car fixed. It keeps locking me out and the window will not go back up!  I am going to move our Zoom to noon. 

Today is also Spanish. Maestra Kimberly sent me a message and a link to post for you. If the link does not work, try to copy and paste it in your browser.  Here is her message:

¡Buenos días! ¿Cómo estás?  ¿Bien?  Good.  For today's lesson, I made a video for you so that we could read a book together!  All the words are in Spanish and in English.  See if you can understand some of the Spanish words!  Here is the link:  I hope you enjoy it! ¡Adiós!

Things to do today...

O  Spelling and Phonics -  on workbook page 151, find the word that belongs in each group and at the bottom, find the opposite of the given word. The phonics page 148 is a review.  See my helpful hint on your lesson page.

O  Grammar - workbook page 152 is a review of irregular verbs. You do not have to write the whole sentence.

O  Reading - in your copybook or sheet of paper, copy the chart on page 346 and find one text feature and one graphic feature in From Seed to Plant. Write them on your chart.enlightened

O  Math - Lesson 6 in your book - use your noodle! Do at least page 667-668 before the meeting. We will go over the rest at our Noon Zoom.

O  Religion - with a parent, read pages 266-267. When you are finished, dicuss the following questions: What are some beliefs that all Catholics share? What do all Catholics around the world share? Don't forget to make a special place for Mary in your home! (enlightened you may send a picture of your decorations if you want)

O  Science - Begin the new chapter on page E30. Read over with a parent and look up the vocabulary words in the glossary.  Imagine doing the investigation on page E32.  Can you think of an answer to the question?  After reading over pages E33-37, do the science packet workbook pages 112-113 and fill out the notes for lesson 1 on the cover. *you do not have to do all of this at once.  Take your time, maybe do a little bit over the weekend. 

O  Spanish lesson - see above

O  Zoom at noon

O  Your super duper exciting writing project is due on Monday. Have fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Thursday, April 30

Good Morning!

Read the words on that picture above. Cool, isn't it? Think about how awsome the ocean and mountains and universe are. Pretty spectacular, don't you thing?  Well, each of you are just as spectacular! I'm so happy that, by the grace of God, I get to know you all and be your teacher.  Let's start our day with our prayers and add to them a prayer of thanks - for the oceans, mountains, galaxies, and the gift of each one of us. 

Today, for Spelling and Phonics, we will still be working with words that have the /aw/ sound. Read over the lesson with a parent and then show what you know in your workbook.  Your grammar lesson, again, is about irregular verbs. Today, is give and take. We use those for talking about things happening now. I give the book to you.  You take the book from me.  To show it happened in the past we have to change the spelling of the verbs. I gave the book to you.  You took the book from me. Don't forget to do the workbook pages.

For Math today, I would like to try the lesson on Zoom. I would like to try two smaller groups. Let's have the ladies at 11:00am and the gentlemen at noon. I think it will be easier if we work together using the same measurements for the objects. Please make sure you have a ruler and a yardstick (or measuring tape marked at one yard) with you along with your workbook.

Here is your list for the day...

O  Reading workbook pages 144-146

O  Reading - read From Seed to Plant, ask for help with some of the words for the plant parts. Don't forget to plant your seeds, following the directions I gave in yesterday's lesson.

O  Math zoom lesson - I will send out the link to your home email

O  Religion - Before you read pages 264-265 with a parent, look back at pages 36-39 and think of something that St. Peter did to be a leader in the Church.  How did he help Jesus? Keep St. Peter in your mind as you read today's lesson about our Pope. When you finish, discuss with a parent the following questions: Who is the pope? What does the pope teach people about? 

O  Music lesson with Mrs. Mercer

O  Computer lesson with Mrs. Frank

Enjoy your day and I will see you later. 

heart Mrs. Grenier


Wednesday, April 29

Good Morning my favorite 2nd graders!

It was so good to see most of you yesterday! Many of you said you were able to see the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flyover. How exciting!  I was not able to see them from my house, but I heard them! Very cool, indeed! And how about that super duper exciting writing project? I cannot wait to see what you create! So much excitement, and it's only Wednesday!

As always, say your prayers to start your day. Today, say an extra prayer for those who serve our country. We saw some of the best pilots in the Navy and Air Force yesterday. There are so many other who serve our country in the Army and Marines, too. Some do exciting things, like fly jets, but there are so many more who do regular things, like repair the airplanes and trucks. Others, like my friend, are doing jobs that take them away from their families for a long time while they work in other parts of the world. Pray for their safety and thank God for people who choose to serve to keep our country safe.

Now, let's continue with our exciting day.  Check out your brand new list of words on the Word List #25. Read over the lesson plan with a parent and notice what sound all your spelling words have in common.

What did you just say when you saw the picture above? Most people say "awwwww", and that is the sound all your spelling words have in common.  Notice there are different letter and letter combinations that each word has when you hear that sound. Also, check out your new vocabulary words on that paper. Remember to read them out loud to a parent so they can help you pronounce them correctly. Read over the words used in sentences in your big reading book.

Read over the grammar lesson with a parent. Doesn't it seem like there are more irregular verbs than regular verbs? Well, at least for the last few weeks it does!  When you are finished reading over the lessons, there are workbook pages for you to do that I will put in the check-off list.

Please preview the reading selection this week. It is an informational text that focuses on the topic of growing plants. This is why there was a bag of dirt in your schoolwork bag!  After you preview the text, you will see the activity on page 362-363. I modified the project a little bit so please read over with a parent about how to plant your seeds. Remember not to drown them with water! A spray bottle or just sprinkling them with water several times every day is all they need. I'm planting some too. Be sure to check them each day! We will read the story together today on Zoom.  Make sure you have your book before we begin and you may stay unmuted if you are quiet.  Also, please stay still as moving or walking around with your device is very distracting.  I also need to move our Zoom meeting to 2:00 because I have a teacher Zoom meeting at our regular time.

For Science, take your time and review the chapter before you take the test. You may use your "notes" from the packet if needed. Don't forget to ask for help.  Just remember that asking for help does not mean mom or dad or whoever is going to give you the answer.  They will help you figure out the answer by yourself.

Here is your list of things to do today....

O  Spelling workbook page142 and write your words 3x each in your copybook enlightened(pic of just your words 3x)

O  Workbook page 142 on irregular verbs

O  Reading - read over vocabulary words in big reading book p344-345, preview the selection, plant your seeds

O  Science test when you are ready - put it in the plastic folder when you are finished

O  Religion - read pages 262-263 with a parent. Check out the red-letter words, because you know they are important. Do you remember the name of our Diocese? Do you remember the name of our Bishop?

O  Math - iXL do S3 - inches or feet?

O  Zoom meeting at 2:00pm today. Look for an email with the link

O Gym Day! 

When I went in to school to copy your packet, I had the Scholastic magazines in my mailbox. Enjoy reading them on your own.  I did not want to throw them away.

Have a great day and I will see you later!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Tuesday, April 28

Good Morning 2nd Graders!

By now, you have probably heard that the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds will be flying over Philadelphia to honor our healthcare workers for the fabulous job they are doing during this time.  Just a reminder to go outside around 1:55pm and try to see and hear them.  

As we always do, begin your day with our prayers.  Say a special prayer for healthcare workers taking care of people who are sick.  Ask Jesus to keep them safe and healthy.

Let's get started!  Today you will take the Reading and Spelling tests.  For a quick review, do the Target Vocabulary worksheet in your packet. Make sure you read the directions.  The top part wants you to fill in the opposite and the bottom wants you to find words that mean the same. It's always a good idea to read the story, like we do in school, before you take the test...just to refresh you memory.  When you are ready, find a quiet place where you can take the Reading test. It is the same kind of test we have taken all year so you should all be pros by now.  Just make sure your read the directions.  Just like the vocabulary sheet, some of the questions on the vocabulary part of the test want you to find the opposite of the given word.  You may also use your book during the comprehension part of the test.  There are two phonics sections this time.  The first is dividing words into syllables that have prefixes.  Hint: always keep the prefix together!  The second phonics part is about silent letters.  Make sure you read the questions because some are beginning sounds and some are ending sounds. The grammar section wants you to choose the best verb for the sentence.  Like I always say, take your time, reread questions after you fill in the blank to make sure it makes sense.  If you get stuck, cross off the answers you know are wrong so you have fewer choices.  Go back and make sure you answered every question.  I know I say the same thing all the time, but these are test taking strategies that will help you now and in the future.  I want you to do your best! 

Please have a parent give you the spelling test.  Tear out the page (if you used your copybook) and put in a folder for me to collect.  I need to fill out some more info for Spelling City, so hopefully I will have it up and running for the next test.

Math - now that we are getting used to working at home, I am going to pick up the pace with our math lessons.  Today, please look at Lesson 4 on page 665.  Read the directions and draw two things in your house.  Circle the longer one.  If you look at the top of page 666, it shows a baseball bat and a golf club.  They are very close in length, so to COMPARE them to see the DIFFERENCE, you will need to write a subtraction problem like they show you in blue, under "think".  My suggestion is to go and measure the objects shown (or something about their size), then write your subtraction problem and write the answers in the blanks.

Here is your list of things to do today...I'm going to start putting a enlightened after the pages when I would like you to send a pic of the work

O  Vocabulary worksheet - check with a parent

O  Reading Test 24 - Half Chicken - I will collect

O  Spelling Test enlightened

O  Religion - read pages 260-261 with a parent.  We've talked about the different communities we belong to.  How is your family and your class at school the same? Different? This lesson talks about your Parish family.  After reading you should be able to answer the following questions: What is a parish? What does a pastor do for a parish?  enlightened

O  Math - do pages 665-668. enlightened

O  we will do the math  iXL tomorrow instead of today

I'm looking forward to seeing you today when I drop off your new work.  I will be sending an email with a list of things I would like to pick up.  If you can't find it or forgot to do something, a parent can send me a picture. No worries!  I plan to leave around 2:30 today so I will try to send a remind message to let you know what time my GPS says I should be by to drop off.  I love seeing you, even if through a window or door!  I'll be wearing my mask! 

heart Mrs. Grenier


Monday, April 27

Good morning my friends!

Here we are, fresh and ready to begin a new week!  Courage and I went for a long walk on Saturday and soaked up some sunshine.  He also helped me plant some more veggies in my garden.  I dug and planted; he dug too.  Only a few plants had to be replanted!  I hope you got outside and enjoyed the day.  Today is kinda dreary and cold.  But just like is says above, we can bring our own sunshine with our smiles and gratitude.  

As always, begin your day with our prayers and add your own prayers too.  Make it a habit to show your gratitude to God for all the wonderful things in this world. It's okay to ask for help with something and, of course, to pray for others.  But also remember to thank God too. 

Now, let's get started.  Have a parent read today's lesson.  For Math, you will be doing the Check My Progress on page 663.  Remember to do this on your own, carefully tear out the page and put it in a folder that I will be collecting (more on that a little later).

Language Arts - a lot of review today!  On page 138 in your workbook, you will be working with antonyms.  Remember that antonyms are words that have oppostie or very different meanings.  When you finish this page, have a parent check your answers - just to make sure your brain is awake!  Another review for today is on pag 140 in your workbook.  On this page, you will practice where to put the comma in dates and places.  You will need to rewrite just the date or place, not the whole sentence. (applause)

Spelling - There is a proofreading activity for you to do on page 139 in your workbook.  I also put our spelling words on Spelling City.  You can get to the website from the Spelling Words tab to the right.  There are games as well as a place to do a practice test.  Try it out and let me know if it works for you.  If it does (fingers crossed), you will take your spelling test online tomorrow and send it to me, all online.

Reading - I somehow skipped pages 134-135 in your reading workbook.  On these pages, you are to read the section in the Half Chicken story and answer the questions.  Make sure your answer is a complete sentence.  Don't forget you can use part of the question to begin your answer!  When you finish answering the questions, do the activity on page 135.  You will be writing the postcard from Half Chicken's point-of-view.

Please have a parent send pictures of your reading workbook pages (email or remind) so I know you are doing your best!

Here is your list of things to do....

O  Math - check progress page 663, tear out and put in a folder for me to collect

O  Reading workbook pages 134-135, 138-140 - send pictures of pages to me later today

O  Religion - read back over pages 248-255 - tear out page 258 and complete the test.  Put this in your folder for me to collect.

O  Phonics practice iXL section C11 - silent consonants

O  Science - Read lesson 4 (page E20-25) about gases.  With a parent's help, try out the investigation on page E20.  We will discuss it today on Zoom at noon!   Then do workbook pages 106-107 in your packet. 

O  Zoom today at noon!  I will send an email to your home.  Remember, Sister Jerilyn may be joining us today.  We will have her talk about her vocation an ask some questions (I have them written down, as some of you had the same questions) and then we will talk about science.

Have a magnificent Monday!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Friday, April 24

Today is Arbor Day - and if you used your context clues, you could guess Arbor Day is a day to celebrate trees!  It is always celebrated on the last Friday of April, so it is usually very close to Earth Day.  It was first celebrated in 1872 when the day was set aside to encourage people to plant trees.  As you know, trees are very important - especially for clean air.  When I was walking Courage yesterday, my neighbors were digging a big hole.  She said they bought a tree to plant for Arbor Day but wanted to get it planted before the rain. Good thinking!

As always, begin your day with prayers. Not only our regular prayers, but spend some time talking to God with your own prayers.  Tell him what you are thankful for, what you hope for, and what He can help you with.  I always tell him how thankful I am for you, my students. I pray that you stay happy and healthy, and ask that He help the world through this rough time so that we can be together again. Amen.

So here we are...zooming into another weekend. We will meet this afternoon on Zoom at 3:00pm so have a parent check for the link in their email in a little while. Remember I said I missed your jokes?  If you have a funny joke, write it down and you can share at out meeting.  Also, if you have any questions, write them down too, so you don't forget!

Have a parent read through the lesson plan for today.  Again, if you do not have a paper copy, you can find it in the temp distance learning link to the right in the file marked 3.31.20packet.

Language Arts - listen carefully as your parent reads to you about silent consonants.  We have talked about these before, but they can be tricky!  Some words have a silent letter at the beginning and some at the end.  I gave you some examples so read them over.  You will be doing page 133 in your workbook.  I would like you to have that page handy when we meet on zoom so we can read and check over it together.  You will also do some spelling definitions on page 136 and an irregular verb review on page 137.

Once again, here is your to-do list for the day:

O  Reading workbook pages 133, 136 and 137

O  Religion review pages 256 and 257.  Unfortunately, Sister Jerilyn has a meeting today at the same time our meeting is going to be.  We will have her join us on Monday to talk about vocations and answer your questions.  If you did not send me a picture of your work in your religion book, page 255, have mom or dad send it to me on Remind or email. I am making a list of all your questions.

O  Math - more practice measuring pages 661-662 - first choose which tool you would use, then measure.  Again, if you do not have the exact object, use something close - for instance, if your home does not have a garage, maybe it has a sliding glass door - or your neighbor has a garage.  Use your noodle!

O  Spanish lesson with Maestra Kimberly - her lesson plan should be posted in the distance learning tab

O  Zoom at 3:00pm today!

O  Not sure if this will work, but here are links to a couple Arbor Day cartoons and

Have a great day!

heart Mrs. Grenier




Thursday, April 23

Good Morning!

Just thought I'd start today with a silly joke...I miss all the jokes you tell me at school!  So, since today is pretty dreary, I try to look on the bright side.  I'm looking forward to planting flowers - as soon as it stops getting so cold at night!  What are you looking forward to once the weather gets warmer?

Always remember to begin each day with your prayers.  As I've said before, remember the words of our morning prayer - May the Lord direct our thoughts, words, and actions today.  With that in mind, let's get started.

We have a busy Zoom day today!  You should have received a Zoom invitation from Mrs. Mercer for Music class today at 10:00AM.  I think it was sent on Remind, so have mom or dad check. We also have a Zoom meeting with Father Chuck today at 2:20PM.  I sent the invitation by email. 

With a parent, please read over the lesson for today.  Again, if you do not have your paper copy, it can be found in the distance learning section on my webpage under 3.31.20packet tab.  

Math Lesson 2 p657-660 in the Math book.  This lesson wants you to think about the best way to measure things.  Would you use a yardstick to measure your pinky finger?  Well, you could, but I think a ruler would be a better choice because it is smaller and eaiser to handle than a long yardstick if you want to measure something small.  The helpful hint on p658 will help you do the rest of the lesson.  For 1-9, write the tool you would use first, then go back and measure, using that tool. I know you do not have lockers in your house (well, maybe you do?).  Think of something similar you can measure, like a closet door. 

Here is your list of things to do. By the way, I am so happy when I hear from your parents that you are using this list and doing your work mostly on your own.  This tells me you are taking RESPONSIBILITY smiley. We talk about that word all the time and I'm so proud of you when I know you are doing it!

O  Math Lesson 2 pages 657-660

O  Religion - read pages 254-255. Before we worked on our Easter booklets, we were learning that all people are called by God to serve him.  People who are married, and people who are not married serve in many different ways.  Some men are called to become priests.  Today, you will learn how some men and women are called to serve the Church in religious communities.  After reading, do the activity on p. 255 and have mom or dad send me a picture of your question(s).  We will have a special guest (maybe Friday or next week) to answer some of your questions.

O  Language Arts IXL - please do EE4 - more prefixes for practice

O  Music Zoom with Mrs. Mercer

O  Computers with Mrs. Frank - week 4 (check the Temp distance learning section)

O  Zoom at 2:20 with Father Chuck

Have a great day and I will see you this afternoon on Zoom!

heart Mrs. Grenier




Wednesday, April 22

Good Morning!

Happy Earth Day!  Today is the day we celebrate our planet.  We remember all the wonderful things God created for us to enjoy - and take care of.  Even though this situation we are in may not be great for us, I have seen many articles that, as the world stays home to be safe, our Earth is beginning to heal from all the harmful pollution we usually create.  Water is clearer, the air is cleaner, the animals are happier...what are things we can continue to do, once we can go back to "normal", to continue to help the Earth?  What can you do today?

As always, begin your day with prayers.  Remember the words of our morning prayer - May the Lord direct our thoughts, our words, and our actions today.  Maybe, for Earth Day, you and your family can take a bag with you on a walk and pick up sure to be careful and wear gloves!  

Today is also Gym Day!  Make sure you get up and move!  We will also have a Zoom lunch today at noon. If you have any questions about your schoolwork, this would be the time to ask and we can all help each other.

Have a parent read over the lesson for today.  If you cannot find your paper, there is a copy of it in the distance learning file to the right.  It is under the 3.31.20 packet file that you can click on.

Language Arts - do the practice page on prefixes on workbook page 129.  Write the prefix (remember it is at the beginning of a word) and then write the base word on the second line. At the bottom, add a prefix to the given word so that the sentence makes sense. Workbook page 130 asks you to sort your spelling words by prefix.  Workbook page 131 has you using more irregular verbs just like on Monday.  You got this!

Please practice reading out loud to a parent or sibling.  You can even take turns reading each page.  For fun, use a different voice for each character.

Here is another handy dandy check list of what you need to do today:

O  Reading workbook pages 129, 130, 131

O  Practice reading Half Chicken out loud with your family

O  Religion - do the last two pages in you Easter Booklet.  On the last page, write a thank you prayer to Jesus.

O  Math - do the homework page 655-656.  Estimate all the items FIRST, then go and measure and see how close you were with your guess

O  Zoom at Noon - bring your questions!

O  Gym Day - go play!

If we were in school, I would read you one of my favorite stories for this time of year - The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. I have added a link to a reading of the story on youtube.  I hope it works, but if not, have a parent do a search and enjoy!

Have a great day!

heart Mrs. Grenier



Tuesday April 21

Good Morning boys and girls!

It's a terrific Tuesday!  Since we usually have Art on Tuesdays, make sure you do something creative today - and colorful - the world needs more color. I saw that it is supposed to be stormy this afternoon, but sunny in the evening.  Make sure to look for rainbows!

Always begin your day with prayers.  Remember to practice saying The Apostles' Creed. As we would usually be preparing for First Communions and May Crowning, this is when we learn the Creed.  Remember, a creed by definition is a statement of what you belive.  I've added a link (and hope it works!) to a video to say the creed.

Let's begin our day...Please have a parent read to you the lesson plan for the day. 

Math - I would like you to look at Lesson 2 in your math book starting on page 651.  Do you remember the yardstick I have in the classroom?  Maybe your parents have one around the house you can use.  Remember a ruler is 12 inches which equal one foot.  Do you remember how many feet are in a yard?  If you said "Three!", give yourself a pat on your back because that is exactly right!!  If you do not have a yardstick, see if you can use a tape measure.  So again, follow the directions in Lesson 2 and do pages 651-654 - no homework! 

Here is your handy dandy list of things you need to do today....

O  Math lesson 2 pages 651-654

O  Religion - in your Easter booklet, color p8 and write about your family on page 9.  Be sure to write in complete sentences!

O  IXL Reading - do EE3 and practice prefixes

O  Spelling - write your words in sentences. Make sure your sentences are 2nd grade quality!  I am unhappy. is a complete sentence, and it is a great sentence for a kindergarten student.  I know you can write something with more detail!

O  Don't forget to read and log your minutes.  Reread Half Chicken for practice!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

heart Mrs. Grenier

PS I heard from Karl and Casi last night with their guesses for our mystery guest on Thursday.  They correctly guessed Father Chuck!  Maybe you guessed that too!  Anyway, I will send you information as soon as I find out the time.  Tentatively, it will be on Thursday, sometime around 2:20 - 2:30pm.  He has a lot of classes to Zoom with so our meeeting will only be 15 minutes!



Monday, April 20

Good Morning 2nd Graders!  Happy Easter!

Welcome back!  I trust everyone had a very happy Easter celebrating Jesus' resurrection!  Alleluia!

I also hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break with plenty of rest and relaxation.  Although the weather was chilly and, at times, rainy, I walked with Nutley and Courage most days and enjoyed seeing the blooming flowers. Mr. Grenier and I even planted our vegetable garden and did lots of yardwork.  Even though today is gray, we can always bring our own let's get started!  Remember to begin your day with prayers.

Have a parent read over the lesson plan for today.  If you cannot find your paper, it is available in the distance learning folder to the right.  We are on lesson 24 word lists.  Read over your new spelling words with prefixes re- and un-.  I provided some notes to help you remember what we learned already about prefixes.  We are also going to be working with irregular verbs.  Most verbs can show past tense by adding -ed, but irregular verbs change their spelling.

Make sure you read over your vocabulary words in sentences in your reading book and preview the topic at the top of page 313.


What do these words have in common?  If you said they all have to do with a chicken, you are correct! Can you think of other words about chickens that you could add to the list?  This week, we will be reading a traditional story from Mexico about an unusual chicken.

ZOOM meeting today at 3:00pm.  Have your reading book handy and I will read the story with you. is what you have to do today:

O  Read over your new spelling and vocabulary words, write your spelling words 3x each in you copybook

O  Do pages 127 and 128 in your reading workbook

O  In the Easter booklet you made, read, think, and write on pages 6 and 7

O  IXL Math practice - do E9 (addition) just to get you back in math-mode!

O  Science - read lesson 3 with a parent in your book (pages E14-19).  Ask a parent to help you do the investigation on page E14.  Think and discuss the questions on each page with your parent.

O  Zoom at 3:00 for reading.  I will send a link to your home email. 

Enjoy your day and I will see you this afternoon!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Wednesday, April 8

Happy Wednesday 2nd graders!

Wednesday is the new Friday since tomorrow begins our Spring Break.  Not exactly the usual, but it will be a break from staring at the computer; something my eyes are going to be thankful for!  Let's get our day started!

Always begin each day with our prayers. As you pray today, and every day, thank God for all the people that are helpers: the healthcare workers who are taking care of the sick, the grocery store workers who keep the stores open so we have food, the truck drivers who deliver the food and supplies, and all the people of the world who are following the new rules to stay home to keep people safe.  Pray that after we return from Spring Break, we will be that much closer to being back to our own classroom.

As we know, today is Wednesday so that means it is Gym Day and Zoom Day!  Put on your gym clothes and get moving!  Mrs. Gibison's directions are all the way at the bottom of this page. I sent an email to your parents with the link for our meeting at 3:00.

For today, I would like you to keep practicing with your ruler and measuring things.  Remember that ESTIMATING means making a reasonable guess with the background knowledge you have in your brain.  Do that first, then go and find the items to measure on pages 649-650 in your math book.

For Language Arts: today is the big day!  If you need to take a retest for Spelling; please do that today and send me a picture of your spelling test.  Do your best!  For a quick review, do the Target Vocabulary worksheet in your packet and go over it with a parent. This is a review for your test.  Another review is in your reading workbook, page 122, irregular verbs and page 125, forms of the verb "be".  Remember to go back and reread your sentence to make sure it sounds correct. When you have finished the reviews, read over my Test Time tips, maybe read over the story one last time then take the test.  Please put it in a safe folder with your other work that I will collect.  I will send an email with that info when I figure it out!

For Religion, I think I forgot the last pages of our Stations of the Cross book! If you have been coloring the pages, #13 is Jesus' body is taken down from the cross.  Joseph of Arimathea gave Jesus his own burial cave because Jesus didn't have a place to be buried.  Joseph was another on of Jesus' friends who took a risk to help him. Sometimes it is risky to stop ot and help people who ar ein need.  Ask Jesus to help you be a risk-taker and help others by giving you love and courage.  Station 14 is when Jesus is laid in the tomb.  Even when things look difficult and sad, as we have been experiencing, there is always hope that God can bring new life.  As we prepare to celebrate Easter, may your prayer be to Jesus that we believe He died and rose from the dead so that we all can hae new life. 

Stuff to do today...before your break

O  Have a parent take a picture of your science project and report and send to me by email or Remind

O  Review Target Vocabulary worksheet and Workbook p. 122 & 125

O  Spelling Test and Reading Test

O  Math pages 649-650 - measuring

O  Religion - Stations of the Cross - finish booklet

O  Zoom at 3:00pm

O  Gym Day!

* If you did not check it out, there is a special message to our GARS families on the school's Facebook page!

Yesterday, Zoo School was about the Amur Leopard.  This was one beautiful, big cat!  Unfortunately, there are only about 80 left in the wild.  It was fun to watch this big kitty paint a picture!  Tune in today for another fun lesson about an amazing animal!

Have a blessed Easter and a relaxing and rejuvenating Spring Break!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Good Morning! Tuesday, April 7

What a beautiful day it was yesterday!  I took Courage on his first long walk yesterday. He's getting so big!  I hope everyone got outside and enjoyed the weather. Today, we may be dodging raindrops.

Begin each day with prayers. I pray for you and your families every day. 

Our special on Tuesday is Art, so don't forget to do something creative and colorful today.  I know Sr. Jerilyn sent out an email with a family art project to do.  I made mine last night!

Please follow the lessons for today in your packet. There is a review of compound words and a page on syllables. Before we left school, we were working on writing in sequence. I know you remember using sequence words to show what happens, first, next, then. Go back and reread the pages!  Don't forget to write complete sentences and when you are finished, have a parent tear out that page and put it in a folder that I will collect at some point

Here is your list of things to do today: (I left yesterday's post too, below)

O  Religion - pages 4 and 5 in your booklet. You may use your book to help.

O  Reading Workbook pages 118, 119-120, 123

O  Math - iXL section S.2. - measure using an inch ruler

O  Spelling pretest (in copybook, write missed words 5X)

O  Art - be creative today

-- don't forget to have a parent take a picture of your diorama  along with your three paragraph report and send them to me by email or on Remind (by tomorrow).  The ones that I received yesterday were excellent!  You guys are amazing!


Speaking of animals, I have been enjoying the Cape May Zoo School every day.  Yesterday they showed the Red Panda.  Did you know the oldest Red Panda in North America is at the Cape May Zoo?  Tune in today at 11:30 and see what animal they show today.  You can see the other animals for last week on their website or Facebook page. Ask a parent to help you watch!

Have a great day!

heart Mrs. Grenier


Monday, April 6

Hello Second Graders!

I hope you had a nice weekend.  Yesterday, Nutley and I took a long, 3-mile walk.  Everything is blooming and looks so pretty!  I also watched Father Dave's Palm Sunday Mass.  Did you?

Rembember to start your day with our prayers.  You can always add your own.  Thank God for sending Jesus to take away our sins and open the gates of Heaven.  Pray for the helpers...the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers who are taking care of everyone who is sick.  Pray for those who are sick; that they may be healed. Thank God for all the things you have to keep you safe during this time.

We only have three days...before we celebrate The Three Days! This is called the EasterTriduum. Do you see the prefix on Triduum?  If you said tri- you are correct!  Can you think of any other words with the prefix tri-? I will ask for answers when we Zoom today!  I would like to Zoom at 3:00pm today so I hope you can make it!  We will also Zoom Wednesday, April 8 at 3:00pm, just to chat before Easter and our Spring Break.

Please follow the Math lesson for today. You will be doing lesson 1 and will need your ruler.  If you cannot find a ruler, have a parent google printable rulers and you can print one out. 

For Language Arts, please do the vocabulary worksheet - the one where you need to cut and paste the word to the definition.  I gave you all a new glue stick smiley You will also need to write your spelling words in sentences in your new copy book. Use your best handwriting!  Practice using synonyms on page 117 in your reading workbook.  Remember, a synonym is a word or words that mean the same as another.  For instance, if you were talking about "the top shelf", you can also say "the highest shelf" or "the shelf that is the highest". 

In your Religion book, please take some time with a parent and read pages 238-240. Look at the chart at the bottom of page 238. I always get the question "Why is it called The Three Days if it is really four days?" Well, that's where math comes in.  Remember there are 24 hours in a day.  Follow the dotted lines in the book.  If Holy Thursday is the evening of Thursday, then one whole day (24 hours) takes us to the evening of Good Friday. From the evening of Good Friday to the evening of Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil), is another day (24 hours).  Then from Holy Saturday to the evening of Easter Sunday, another 24 hours, is the third day...which begins the Easter Season!  In your Easter booklet that you made last week, answer the questions (in complete sentences) on pages 2 and 3. You may use the glossary in the back of our book to look up the word resurrection.

For Science, I would like you to finish your project.  Have a parent help you type your three paragraphs or take a picture of your writing and email or send on Remind. Same with your diorama.  If you did not have materials to do the diorama, you may draw a picture/ draw the habitat and cut/paste pictures you cut out of animals and send that to me also.  I am working on report cards and need those submitted by Wednesday, at the latest.

Your check-off list for today:

O Math lesson 1 beginning on p. 645

O Vocab cut/paste worksheet, workbook p.117, write spelling words in sentences

O Religion read p238-240, do pages 2 & 3 in booklet

O Science finish/submit Habitat project

Have a great day and I hope to see you on Zoom today at 3:00!

Don't forget Zoo School at the Cape May County Zoo website at 11:30 on the zoo website or Facebook page.  I'm looking forward to seeing what animal they show today!  

heart Mrs. Grenier


my email is 


Friday, April 3

Hello my favorite 2nd Graders!

It's almost time for the weekend - but we still have today's work to get through so let's get started!

Start today, as always, with your prayers. Say thank you to God for all the wonderful things you have. Ask Him to keep you, your family, and your friends safe.  Tell Him how happy you are as you prepare to celebrate Holy Week.


Please follow the plans for Friday, April 3. If you ever misplace your lessons, they are available under the Temporary Distance Learning tab on my school webpage. You will be doing pages 114-116 and 121 in your workbook. Page 115 is more practice writing your spelling words.  I enjoyed reading The Goat in the Rug with you on Wednesday.  Read it again with a parent. Maybe add in a few goat sounds at the end of a page, since the goat is telling the story!

If your parents are working, you can hear and read along with the story again by clicking on the link here:

We will have our Zoom lunch today at noon.  I will send an email to your home with the link. I think we might be having a mystery lunch guest joining us today!

I hope you liked using the Khan Academy website. There is a feature for me to post the assignment for you to do. I'm not sure how that looks for you when you log in, but it should be Measuring Lengths with Different Units. As you know, we use inches in the USA, but other countries use the metric system (which we will be learning soon).  

Last week in Science, we began learning about matter. In lesson 1, you read that matter has certain properties. A property is a quality of something, like it's color, size, or shape, to name a few.  I would like you to practice identifying properties of matter using iXL section A1 under the Science tab. 

Take time today, with your family for the Stations of the Cross.  You can use the little booklet I sent home for each station or you can have your parents search for a video on the internet.  I found one for children. Hopefully, this link will work:

Today, our special is Spanish with Maestra Kimberly.  You can find her lesson for Week 3 in my Temporary Distance Learning folder on my school webpage.  Remember, if you do not finish all the assignments (for any subject), finish them this weekend so we can all continue together on Monday.  Let me know if you are falling behind or do not understand something. I'm just an email or Remind message away!



Zoo School at the Cape May County Zoo website was all about the wallaby. A wallaby is like a mini kangaroo. They are very interesting animals. You can see a replay on the zoo website or Facebook page.  I'm looking forward to seeing what animal they show today!  


Be sure to go outside today and enjoy this beautiful Spring day!  Nutley and I will be taking a walk around the park.

heartMrs. Grenier

                                                     1st & 2nd  Grade Gym

                                                       Lesson plans 

                                                         March 2020

Prayer - Hail Mary 

Warm up exercisesJumping jacks - 10

                                    crazy eights - in spanish 

                                    mountain climbers - 10

                                    torso twists 

                                    Superman - hold for 10 cts

                                    six inches - hold for 10 cts

                                    Bicycles - 10 cts

                                    Sit-ups - 

                                    Push-ups - 

                                    Squat thrust - 4 count

Relays:  Running - up and down the steps in your house or jog in place :)

               Gallops - right foot in front and left foot in front

               Shuffles - low level (knees are bent) and high level (way up off the ground)

               Skips - using arms in opposition

               Karaoke - right and left with arms 

Play outside if weather permits for at least 30 minutes. 

Ride a bike, jump rope or take a walk. 

If you're stuck inside you can play a board game, a card game or read a book!

Wash your hands for 20-30 seconds

PE Project: Keep a chart of your daily activities for one week! For example, eating healthy snacks, practicing good hygiene, and keeping active with exercise.  Be creative & have fun with your chart! You may design whatever type of chart you like, all will be accepted :)

Boys and girls I miss you all and hope you're having fun at home with your families! 

Stay active,  healthy and I will see you soon

Mrs. Gibison

PE teacher


questions/concerns or just say "hi!", my email is -  Rosary - click here to say the Angelus and Sorrowful Mysteries. This will open in youtube but will be only audio with words for the prayers

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