Good Morning Second Graders!

Today is Thursday, but guess what? This week, Thursday is the new Friday!  That's right! The teachers are going to get together tomorrow, using an internet meeting, just like we would have if we were in school. We tested out the Zoom app yesterday. (Even your teacher had to learn something new!) I sent your parents an email this morning inviting YOU to a class meeting today! With your parents help and permission, see if they can log you on following the information I sent them. 

Begin your day with your prayers. Remember to ask for God's help in directing our thoughts, words, and actions today, and every day. The world works best when we remember it is always God, others, self.

Let's get started...

Today is Thursday, so Mrs. Frank has prepared some computer work for you to do.  It should be in the temporary distance learning section today.

For Math iXL today, we will move on to Q.12 - days of the week.  We've talked about using a calendar to show time in days, weeks, and months,  This is a review so I know you will do well. Remember to not be concerned about getting 100. Try to get to 80, which, like I said, is super, and anything above that  is super-duper!  Do the next page in your math packet for practice. I believe we are on the Pictograph page. Again, this is a review from things we've already done in math this year. 

For spelling, continue to the next page and fill in the missing letters. In your copy book, have a parent give you a practice test. Practice any missed words 5x each then take a "real"  test later. I'd like to finish the spelling packet for this week so we can start fresh next week. Do your best!

 On iXL under language arts, I would like you to do section S2. Read and answer questions about the article. Remember to take your time and you can always re-read, or click the speaker and have it read to you. Don't forget you can do a few and come back to it later. I know how hard it can be to look at a computer screen for too long! Continue reading the book Nate the Great.  You can still count those minutes towards you reading log. If you have finished the book, don't forget to read and log minutes from a different book!

For Religion, practice the Apostles' Creed. If you are coloring a station a day in our booklet, today we are on Station 8 - Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem.  A lot of people were against Jesus, but a lot of people followed him. They were his faithful friends. These were the people who came to see Jesus out of love.  As you color, ask Jesus to help you be a faithful friend. Even though we are not together, we can still be true friends. Email, make a picture and send it in the mail, or call your friends on the phone. And now we can all Zoom!

For Grammar/Writing, you can begin the fourth page (just the front today) of the packet.  Today is a review of irregular past tense verbs. Remember, an irregular verb is one that you cannot just add  -ed to the end to show past tense. You have to change the whole spelling of the word. For example, the past tense of sit is "sat". She sat on that bench yesterday."

That's all, folks! Some parents said they needed a little less "work" because they were working too.  If mom or dad did not get back to me on the email I sent a few days ago, please remind them to check if they did. 

Zoo School at the Cape May County Zoo website was all about South African porcupines yesterday. Just like the words at the top of this page, there was a lot I did not know so I learned something new!  You can find yesterday's episode on their website/Facebook page if you are curious. I'm curious about what animal they are going to show today!

Happy Friday on Thursday! Don't forget our class meeting today at 3pm!

I miss you all!

heart Mrs. Grenier

                                                     1st & 2nd  Grade Gym

                                                       Lesson plans 

                                                         March 2020

Prayer - Hail Mary 

Warm up exercisesJumping jacks - 10

                                    crazy eights - in spanish 

                                    mountain climbers - 10

                                    torso twists 

                                    Superman - hold for 10 cts

                                    six inches - hold for 10 cts

                                    Bicycles - 10 cts

                                    Sit-ups - 

                                    Push-ups - 

                                    Squat thrust - 4 count

Relays:  Running - up and down the steps in your house or jog in place :)

               Gallops - right foot in front and left foot in front

               Shuffles - low level (knees are bent) and high level (way up off the ground)

               Skips - using arms in opposition

               Karaoke - right and left with arms 

Play outside if weather permits for at least 30 minutes. 

Ride a bike, jump rope or take a walk. 

If you're stuck inside you can play a board game, a card game or read a book!

Wash your hands for 20-30 seconds

PE Project: Keep a chart of your daily activities for one week! For example, eating healthy snacks, practicing good hygiene, and keeping active with exercise.  Be creative & have fun with your chart! You may design whatever type of chart you like, all will be accepted :)

Boys and girls I miss you all and hope you're having fun at home with your families! 

Stay active,  healthy and I will see you soon

Mrs. Gibison

PE teacher


questions/concerns or just say "hi!", my email is


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