My name is Mrs. McLaughlin. I am the Math and Science teacher for grades 6-8. I am looking forward to an exciting school year. At any time during the year, should you have any questions or concerns, email me at

Grades will be entered and available for you to view on RenWeb. Please contact the office if you have any questions concerning this system. I encourage you to check your child's grades frequently for all subjects. Homework will be posted each night on the homework tab. 

I know this year in unlike any year we have had, but I am confident in our school, our students, and our families. Together, we will make this year great! 

God Bless,

Mrs. McLaughlin

Remote Learners are expected to be "present" in each class.They can access the class by clicking on the link in Google Classroom of the specific subject.

Full-Day Schedule

8:15-9:05 SS

9:05-9:55 Religion

9:55-10:10 Screen Break/Snack

10:10-11:00 ELA

11:00-11:50 Math

11:50-12:30 Screen Break/ Lunch Recess

12:35-1:20 ELA

1:20-2:05 Special (Monday/Thursday - Spanish, Tuesday - PE, Wednesday - Music, Thursday - Spanish, Friday - Computer)

2:05-2:50 Science


Half - Day Schedule

8:15-8:50 SS

8:50-9:25 Religion

9:25-10:00 ELA

10:00-10:35 Math

10:35-11:10 ELA

11:10-11:45 Special 

11:45-12:20 Science
















Seventh Grade
 Important Dates
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