Technology - Ms. Debra Frank

Welcome to the Technology Page for Grades K-3


Weekly Lessons for Grade 3 :


We will use the link below to start learning about computer science and programming.  Start with the puzzle section by linking all of the characteristics of each animal to it's photo.  When finished, click the "Check Answers" button on the top right corner to see if you need to change anything:     



Weekly Lessons for Grade 2:


  • Use Google Drive to create a new document.  Use the skills we learned last week to choose the size of your type.  Remember, the lower the number the smaller the letters.  The bigger the number, the larger the letters! Start by setting up your page with your name and today's date.  Use your spelling words to write descriptive sentences. Each spelling word should be in bold type!





Weekly Lessons for Grade 1:


  • Continue learning the keyboard with the "Cup Stack" activity.  When the activity begins, you will look on screen to see which letter is in WHITE and type that letter on your keyboard to stack and unstack the cups. Click the link below to begin:






Below are some websites and links we will be using for our classes:  




Sheppard Software activities:

Click and drag the letters of the alphabet back into correct order:

Find all of the letters on the keyboard:   

Mouse skills practice - catch the flies and pop the bubbles:

Mouse skills puzzle activity: