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                                                                    MARCH  26

Good Morning Class,

I hope everyone is doing well.  Don't forget to start your day with prayer.  Below is Mrs. Frank's technology assignment for today.  There is no shool tomorrow because of a Teacher Inservice Day.  Enjoy a nice long weekend with  your family.   Remember even though you can't physically get to Mass take time and spend it with God.  Talk to you on Monday. 


Mrs. Dariano

Remote Learning Assignments

Week 2:  March 26, 2020

Grade 3

  • Continue with programming/coding activities – work on Lesson 3 “Debugging with Scrat”. Note – this lesson will ask you to fix the problems in the coding they have used. Remember to read the instructions for each puzzle. Do your best and have fun!


  • Learn the keyboarding letters “S and L”.  You will be using the “ring fingers” on each hand – left ring finger on S and right ring finger on L. Complete exercises 9-11. Keep your hands in the proper home row position and try not to look down! Take your time and do your best! Use the pictures below to help guide you.



Hope everyone is doing well.  

                                                                     MARCH 25

Good Morning Class,

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful day God gave us yesterday.  Once again don’t forget to start your day talking to God in prayer. He is just waiting to hear from you.  Everyone is doing a great job on their assignments.  I appreciate all your hard work. Today is Gym day and Mrs. Gibison has left directions for what she would like you to do today. So, you could go put on your gym uniforms and follow her instruction for today’s Gym Class.  Using your wonderful imaginations just picture yourself heading out to the black top.  As you spread out, I know you can hear her voice as she directs you in prayer and physical activity.  What a great way to start your day.  Here is what she would like you to do.

Enjoy your day.


Mrs. Dariano

                                                        GYM         March 2020

Prayer - Hail Mary 

Warm up exercises:  Jumping jacks - 10

                                    crazy eights - in Spanish 

                                    mountain climbers - 10

                                    torso twists 

                                    Superman - hold for 10 cts

                                    six inches - hold for 10 cts

                                    Bicycles - 10 cts

                                    Sit-ups - 

                                    Push-ups - 

                                    Squat thrust - 4 count

Relays:  Running - up and down the steps in your house or jog in place :)

               Gallops - right foot in front and left foot in front

               Shuffles - low level (knees are bent) and high level (way up off the ground)

               Skips - using arms in opposition

               Karaoke - right and left with arms 

Play outside if weather permits for at least 30 minutes. 

Ride a bike, jump rope or take a walk. 

If you're stuck inside you can play a board game, a card game or read a book!

Wash your hands for 20-30 seconds

PE Project: Keep a chart of your daily activities for one week! For example, eating healthy snacks, practicing good hygiene, and keeping active with exercise.  Be creative & have fun with your chart! You may design whatever type of chart you like; all will be accepted :)

Boys and girls I miss you all and hope you're having fun at home with your families! 

Stay active, healthy and i will see you soon


                                                                        MARCH 24

Good Morning Class,

Today the sun should be out and hopefully you too will go outside and enjoy the signs of spring.  As we study about plants, we can see the trees starting to flower and leaves starting to emerge from what looked like dead branches.  The color of yellow can be seen in the flowers and bushes all around my neighborhood.  What do you see when you step outside?  What do you hear?  What smells do you smell?  God gave us this beautiful day, take a moment to enjoy it.

Once again begin your day saying your prayers.  Today especially, think about the words of the Our Father and how God provides for all our needs.

Today you do have some IXL and SpellingCity activities to do.

Enjoy your day.


Mrs. Dariano


 MARCH 23, 2020

Good Moring Class,

Well, I hope everyone had a nice weekend with their family.  The weather was very nice, so hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy it.  The pirate could never learn his alphabet because he was always lost at C! 

Do you know a snake’s favorite subject in school? Hisssstory

Over the weekend I realized we, you, your family, and I are living history at this moment.  Just a thought, you could begin to keep a journal of what you are experiencing and what is happening in the world around you.  Someday when you are much older someone will ask you, “What was it like when the whole world was experiencing the Coronavirus Pandemic?”

What are you noticing about how your life is changing?  Online learning, stores closed, no Mass, except online, professional sport games cancelled, no going out with your friends. 

Thanks to technology we still can stay in touch with one another. This will pass and hopefully we will be grateful for all those things we take for granted.  Family, friends, getting together to play and share a meal.  God is ever so close to us; we just need to talk to him about how we feel.  He is our hope in times like these.  Continue to do your morning prayers and keep our country, troops and leaders in your prayers.

Looking forward to a great week. Check the Homework page for today’s assignments.  If you have any questions, have your parents e-mail me.


Mrs. Dariano

                                                            MARCH 20, 2020

 Good Morning Class,

This ends our first week of online distance learning.  I hope it hasn’t been too stressful.  I know anything new for me can be a challenge because change is hard.

I thought I would start out with a riddle.  I know you know why five and six were afraid of seven.

Why? Because seven eight nine.  But do you know why the pirate could never learn the alphabet?  Think about it?  Think about it, I will give you the answer on Monday.

Maybe you have a joke or riddle you would like to share with your classmates.  Send them to me and I will post one every day for everyone to enjoy.

Once again, I encourage you to start your day talking to God.  Begin by reciting those prayers we say together remembering God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.  Though we are not physically together, we are united in spirit. 

Today, Maestra Kimberly has a Spanish assignment for you to do.  Please check the Distance Learning Folder for instructions. 

Also, if you have completed an assignment and it has not shown up on my web report page, don’t get upset.  We are all trying to do our best and I know how hard everyone is working.  If you have free time, redo the assignment.  Also, it may show up later.

Yesterday, Sister Jerilyn asked if we would pray the Rosary at 4:00 pm with Pope Francis.  It is good to know that we have hope in our Savior, we are not alone through this difficult time. 

Today we would be doing the Stations of the Cross together as we continue our Lenten Journey. During this time of Lent with your parents or guardian’s approval, find a kid’s video on the Stations of the Cross that you could follow along with.  This can be done with your family.

Most important to remember this weekend is to set time aside to spend with God.  Praying together, reading the Bible, watching the Mass on TV, or sharing the good things God has done for you this week with your family.

Have a blessed and enjoyable weekend with your family and be a blessing to those around you.  What we do for others, we do for God.


Mrs. Dariano

*We will start Week Two on Monday.  At that time two days of work will be posted.


MARCH 19, 2020  

Good Morning 3rd Graders,

I am so proud of you guys.  Everyone is doing a great job on their assignments.  Keep up the good work.

Maybe today you could pretend you are in school.  Unpack those book bags.  Begin your day with prayer: Our Father, Hail Mary, Angel of God, Act of Contrition, and the Mission Statement.  If you have a flag or not recite the Pledge of Allegiance and pray for our country, our troops and those in a leadership position.    Pope Francis, President Trump, Bishop Dennis Sullivan, Governor Murphy, Sister Jerilyn, Fr. Dave, Fr. Chuck, and Fr. Grace

Now your workday can begin.  Look at your assignments.                                               

 Thursday begins with         Computer Class –your assignments from Mrs. Frank an be found                                                                                                  on the Homework Page of our website

                                             Religion  Chapter 17 Test      The test can be found on SpellingCity



                                             Snack time  

                                             Language Arts     Spelling, English, Reading

                                             Music   –your assignments from Mrs. Mercer an be found                                                                                                in the Distance  Learning Folder on this website page

                                             TIME FOR LUNCH

                                             PLAY TIME

                                             Science/Social Studies

                                             END OF THE DAY

                                            REST, RELAX AND ENJOY TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY

However, you choose to arrange your day.  Show an attitude of gratitude to all those in your life.  Don’t forget the two special words that go together thank you and please.  Always do your best.


Mrs. Dariano

                                                   MARCH 19, 2020

Dear Parents,

Just some clarification regarding the Religion Booklet Project.

In the envelope you received I included a piece of construction paper and a tablet of writing paper.  To do the project you use the construction paper as the cover.  Your child can draw the four parts of the Mass on it or just colorfully label it "The Four Parts of the Mass".  The writing paper is for the Table of Contents, a page or two for each part of the Mass. There are four individual sections.  When finished staple it together, with child’s name on the back to receive credit.    If you have construction paper at home, you can use it. You are also welcomed to use more than one piece of construction paper for this project. This is similar to the booklets on The Seasons of the Church, that we made in class.  The children can be as creative as they can be.  PLEASE NOTE:  The importance of this project is to stay on topic.  Not being an artist myself, I grade the pictures only on how they relate to the topic.  I hope this helps.  Thank you.

Mrs. Dariano

 March 18, 2020

Good Morning Students,

It is a beautiful day outside.

Hopefully everyone will take advantage of the sun and warmer temperatures.  As we are exercising our intellect it is also important that we exercise our bodies.  As this is Gym Day remember what Mrs. Gibison would be encouraging you to do.  Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and if you were out on the blacktop at school today do your routine workout.  Most important is to stay healthy and keep active.  Give your brain a rest and your body some fun time outside.  Enjoy this beautiful day the Lord has given us.

Spiritually let us look to God, in prayer for the safety and health of families, friends, our country and our world. 

We are a blessed nation. God is our hope and help in times of trouble.

Miss each of you.


Mrs. Dariano


         Dear Parents,  

         Please continue to use the packets that have been sent home with information on what is expected of your child during this period of online studies.  You can also check the Homework page and the Distance Learning Folder for information.  Each day your child should follow the directions for that given day.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the assignments.

         Every morning we do a routine of Prayers before class starts.  I would encourage you to have your child recite the prayers, (maybe with you) before beginning their day.  This is a time when we need God’s help to keep us safe and free from anxiety.

         I am praying that everyone stays healthy and we will be together as soon as possible.


Mrs. Kathleen Dariano

The Mission of Guardian Angels Regional School is to nurture, encourage and educate the body, mind and spirit of each child to foster spiritual, social and intellectual growth by providing a quality and challenging academic education permeated by Gospel values in the Catholic Franciscan tradition.

 Please feel free to contact me at  kdariano@gars-online.com


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