Guardian Angels Regional  School 

Kindergarten-8th Grade Overview

Students in Kindergarten - 8th grade learn in a warm, friendly and w elco ming  environment. Our  students feel free to express themselves and be fully engaged while learning.  

As a student at Guardian Angels many opportunities exist for them to learn in varying ways, through listening to a lecture, watching a video, engaging in conversations and sharing their life experiences.  Our students are valued for being who they are and our classrooms are conducted so that each child will shine.  

With an emphasis on a faith-filled learning environment, students are encouraged to be Christ like in the actions and follow the Gospel teachings.  Our teachers are state certified, many of them having obtained or are pursuing masters programs.  Continuing education is a must for all certified teachers and the guidelines established by the Diocese of Camden as well as the state of NJ are stictly adhered to.  Our school's methodology is on an education without an emphasis on Common Core standards.  Students who excel in math are offered challenging educational oppotunities in our Advanced Math program.

Technology in today's world is ever-changing and the technology programs offered at our school work in keeping with the current trends.  Technology courses are offered beginning in Kindergarten and progress through 8th grade.  Each student has access to an in-school tablet and desktop pc in our computer lab.  Courses are taught by technology specialists and offer students opportunities to improve their computer and typing skills.

In response to today's unprecedented time, we also offer virtual classes.  Families who choose to keep their children at home have the opportunity for their children to learn through our Livestream curriculum option.  Students login for a full day of school with breaks scheduled along with the students in-person.  To take advantage of this option, parents must meet with our Principal, Sr. Jerilyn Einstein.

Our foreign language program offer students the ability to begin their fluency in Spanish. Our native speaking Spanish teacher works with our Pre-Kindergarten- 3rd grade students once a week and with our 4th-8th grade students twice a week.  Spanish is taught with the understanding that this is a basic course establishing a foundation for each student.

Physical education courses are offered in conjunction with health classes.  Students have opportunites to explore various sports and work on good sportsmanship in class.

Fine Art courses are taught to all students, which include Music class and Art class.  As the students progress into the upper grades, band and choir courses are also offered.  Our certified music staff engages the students through different genres and helps the students explore the world of music.

Guardian Angels creates the whole student; body, mind and soul.