Guardian Angels Regional School

It's a Great day to be in Pre-K!

Guardian Angels Regional School Pre-K Program ensures students are ready for the next chapter in their academic journey.

Our Pre-K program, under the direction of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus and the Diocese of Camden, is committed to caring for children in a loving, nurturing, Catholic Christian environment.

The early childhood years are a gift of time that enables young children to experience the joy of being created and uniquely gifted by our loving God the Father.

Our program provides the following:

  • Growth in awareness of God the Father's love as experiences in family, parish, and community
  • Development of a positive self-image as well as social interdependence with adults and peers
  • Experiences will enable the child to communicate effectively with others
  • Development of motor skills which will lead to proficiency and coordination in action and movement
  • Stuctured and unstructured time to focus on purposeful play in a safe classroom environment

Rooted in the idea that children learn best by participating actively and interactively, expressing themselves in different ways, making mistakes, and taking initiative and responsibility in their education, our program prepares each student for Kindergarten.

Many of the activities in our youngest classrooms focus on developing their fine- and gross-motor, premath, prereading, prewriting, and self-help skills, through music and movement.  This curriculum, blends and reinforces work and play to create a foundation for the future learner.  When these lovers of learning move on they remain curious and creative for years to come.