Encouraging today's students, to be tomorrow's leaders

Guardian Angels Regional School offers students opportunities in the classroom to excel academically.  Our school meets the regulations and guidelines set by the state of New Jersey and the Diocese of Camden, without an emphasis on Common Core standards.  Students who excel in math academically are offered challenging educational opportunities in our Advanced Math program.

Students at GARS take one standardized test during the school year, the Iowa test, which is the benchmark test for Catholic schools in the nation.  On average our school's results rank in the top 25% percentile.

GARS alumni have received numerous scholarships to Catholic high schools, and public and private universities and colleges.

 Pre-Kindergarten - Ms. Sara Waddington
 Pre-Kindergarten - Mrs. Chris Roselli
 Kindergarten - Mrs. Heather Biddle
 First Grade - Mrs. Larae Brennan
 Second Grade - Mrs. Patty Grenier
 Third Grade - Mrs. Kathleen Dariano
 Fourth Grade - Mrs. Heather Bryceland
 Fifth Grade - Mrs. Samantha Widder
 Sixth Grade - Mr. Robert Dougherty
 Seventh Grade - Mrs. Kelly McLaughlin
 Eighth Grade - Mrs. Colleen Verton
 School Counselor - Sr. Vilma
 Advanced Math - Mrs. Geralyn Cook
 Technology - Ms. Debra Frank
 Technology - Mrs. Dominae Worstall
 Library Science - Sr. Denise Ware
 World Languages - Ms. Kim Febus
 Elementary Art Fundamentals - Sister Maria & Sister Angela
 Middle School Art History and Fundamentals - Mrs. Mary Traini
 Elementary School Music - Mrs. Bobbie Omiatek
 Middle School Music - Mrs. Karen Mercer
 Physical Education - Mrs. Elizabeth Gibison