Distance Learning

Friday, April 3, 2020- Distance Learning day 13

Reading:  Read chapter 11 in novel WTRFG and then respond to Google classroom assignment.

Vocabulary : Today do unit 8 pages 104-105 "Completing the Sentence" then go to Google Classroom to submit your pages (take pictures and att 


Pray the stations with your family or in silent reflection using this video:


8th grade math:

1. Do 15 minutes on IXL skill P.14

2. Do 15 minutes on IXL skill P.15

ACC 8th Math:

IXL: Alg 1 U9

7th grade math:

Complete a full 30 minutes on IXL skill AA.5

ACC 7th math:

IXL: L10

6th grade math:

1. Do pages 587-590

2. Complete assignment in Google Classroom

3. We will have a google meet live session today at 10am! I will send an email out. The name of the chat will be math6gars. See you then!

ACC 6th math:

Read through and understand the examples p 514-516

Complete a-e and 1- 7 on looseleaf.

Computer: See email

Music: See email

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