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       Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 4 and 5 year olds  

                 Tuesday/Thursday - 3 and 4 year olds


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                                   We are Moving UP!animated-hot-air-ballon-image-0032

                                                     June 8th - 12th   


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       Monday, June 8th: Happy Summer Birthday Petra!,  "Just Me and My Dad " story, Make a gift for Dad, Sing "Little Light of Mine"

Tuesday, June 9th: Happy Summer Birthday Gracie!, "Pete the Cat " Story, "Show and Tell" Day.
Wednesday,June 10th:  Take a break! "One on one"  zooms are  available in the morning at your request. 
Thursday, June 11th: Happy Summer Birthday Declan!, Last Circle time, last "show and tell" and let's talk about our "Moving Up Ceremony",  Get up and Dance to the end of the school year!
 Friday, June 12th: Prek Moving Up Ceremony at 10:00 am on zoom. Please have the certificates ready to hand to your child when I call their name. It will be in alphabetical order.  We will give each child their turn to be recognized, then the children will sing a song. 
(The ceremony is optional. We understand if your little one is not comfortable on zoom).




                      A note to my students:

    I am so proud of all of you and how you continued to attend Zoom classes, worked on IXL and other programs, completed your packets and worked with your parents at home. We made it through this year together with God's help! Remember that Miss Chris, Miss Anne and Miss Donna love you and will always remember you and pray for you. Great Job! Kiss Your Brain!

    Jesus is always with you. Keep Him in your heart. You can talk to Him anytime, anywhere. We always said there are three important words in Jesus' Teachings: "Love One Another"!

God Bless you!

Miss Chris


                                        A note to my parents:

     I can't thank you enough for all you have done to help the education process at home during this pandemic. I know you were going through a hard time trying to continue working from home, caring for your families and trying to keep up with our school lessons and activities. Some of you were on the "front lines" battling this disease in health care, law enforcement, education, and many other essential occupations. Thank you for all you did, for all you still do, for all of your support during the school year and for giving me the honor to teach your precious children.

God Bless you!

Miss Chris

                                             Have a great summer!



                             Additional Online Resources


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          Image result for thank you clipartImage result for thank you clipart Thank you for all of your generous and beautiful gifts and cards. I am very grateful for everything!






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