Welcome to Miss Chris's Prek Classes  

       Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 4 and 5 year olds  

                 Tuesday/Thursday - 3 and 4 year olds


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           Welcome to Miss Chris' Prek classes!


                   March 30th-April 3rd                 


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                             Happy Spring!

         This week we will be working on the letter "Ww". for   Check out Jack Hartman on YouTube for a fun song on the letter "Ww" or the application "Starfall"www.starfall.com/h/abcs/

   In Math we are doing the number "19" Review all numbers up to 19: Here are some fun games on "abcya" for math: Click on   "Prek " then:

   Counting Fish, Number Bingo, Monster Mansion Match Birthday candles counting.

    Please continue with the IXL lessons.  

   Please check your email about Zoom teaching sessions.

   The religion lesson is about praying together. Lent is certainly a time of fasting and prayer but it can also be a time of kindness and love toward one another. To simplify the teachings of Jesus at this young age, I tell our children that for now, they need to remember three words: "Love One Another".

   The children should work on writing their names each day. 


                        Circle time  ( Every day)

   Our Circle time begins with our friendship circle. We promise that we will be kind to each other and take care of each other today. We do our prayers : The sign of the Cross, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be to the Father" (Three year olds just do the "Our Father)", We always pray for the sick. Then onto the Pledge of Allegiance, The Calendar (counting the days in English and Spanish) sing the "Days of the Week" song and do the Month Macarena both by Dr.Jean Feldman (she is on You Tube as well as her own website.).

   We emphasize letter recognition, letter sounds, words that begin with that letter and handwriting practice. We use the application "Starfall" which is free and you can also google letter songs on You Tube such as Jack Hartman. He does many children's educational songs. The three year olds sing the Alphabet song. The four year olds sing "Who let the Letters Out" by Dr. Jean Feldman. They jump up in the air when we get to the letter their name begins with. I emphasize that I want everyone to sing or say this song because it is not just about reognizing the letters but the letter sounds.

   Please try to work on pencil grip as the children are writing. In class it is important to make everything fun! We  want to institute a fun and encouraging learning environment where the children feel the joy of learning. When we have our "number" day (Wednesday and Thursday) we always cover the numbers we have already learned with a game. It is the Prek students  and "Weather Bear" vs The Teacher team. We go through all the numbers we have learned up to the number of the day. The children receive a point for every correct answer. If they get a number wrong, the teachers get a point.The children always seem to win but the teachers are good sports and praise our students. Kiss your brain!

      During Circle time we also complete a pattern a day with colored links. You can use anything available to make a pattern including spoons and forks, crayons, blocks etc. We check the weather, the date, the month and the year. Our four year olds also do an addition problem a day with magnets. 

  The Guardian Angel prayer is said at the end of the day.We also pray before we eat; "God is Great, God is Good. Let Us Thank Him for our Food" Amen.

    More information will follow in emails and feel free to contact me anytime through email. I would love to see photos, videos etc. of my students!




                             Additional Online Resources


ABC Mouse                                      Nat. Geo Kids

Abcya                                                PBS Kids 


Fun Brain Jr

Education.com (free sign up temporarily)

Brain Pop (free sign up temporarily)




          Image result for thank you clipartImage result for thank you clipart Thank you for all you are doing to help educate our children at home. You are wonderful parents!







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