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Where can your child explore, discover, and learnin a loving Christ-centered school environment where each child is valued for being themselves? At Guardian Angels Regional School. We take pride in offering the BEST education to families in Gibbstown, Paulsboro, East Greenwich, Swedesboro, Woolwich, and surrounding areas. We offer small class sizes with an academically challenging curriculum that meets and exceeds the state curriculum guidelines. Our students take 5 additional co-curricular classes, which creates a faith-filled, well-rounded student. We are not just a building with students, teachers, and books. We are a school family. A family where children can explore, discover, and learn with Christ as the center of all things.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2024-2025 school year. We encourage all families who are interested in learning about Guardian Angels to complete the inquiry sheet below or contact our Advancement Director, Mrs. Marcie Voight, at (856) 423-9440 or by email at mvoight@gars-online.com. We are eager to share why our school is the best private school in the area and a great place for your child to travel along their academic journey.

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Please note: submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance for your child(ren) for the prospective grade for the 2024-2025school year.

Mrs. Marcie Voight Advancement Director Mrs. Marcie Voight Advancement Dir.

For families that have enrolled, please click below to pay your enrollment fee.To reach our Admission Office, please call (856) 423-9440 or email us at mvoight@gars-online.com.

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 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Voight at garsadvancement@gmail.com